How Do I Change the Background Color in Openoffice?

The background color of a cell or group of cells can be set to a color or a bitmap image. This allows you to have a more professional appearance and adds more depth to your documents. You can also change the background color of a table or a row by selecting a color or an image, tiling it across the entire table or row, and then applying it to all cells in the selected row or table.

The openoffice program is the leading free, open-source office software suite that enables users to create word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and graphics. It supports well-established file formats such as those used by Microsoft Office Suite and can read and write files in the international OASIS Open Document Format (ODF), first released in 2006.

You can install it on your computer and use it freely for any purpose. It is available in several languages and works on all common computer platforms. It is also distributed under the Apache 2.0 license, which enables you to make copies of it and give them away to friends and family.

In addition to the standard features of the program, a number of useful extras are available. For example, it is possible to insert pictures from a picture library or the web using the Insert menu. It is also possible to add decorative lines, text and shapes from the Drawing toolbar or via the context menu.

For pictures, you can change the background color by selecting the picture and choosing Tools > Eyedropper from the menu bar. Check the first checkbox and then move your mouse on the picture and click on the color that you would like to turn transparent. This color will appear next to the checkbox and will be the new background color for the picture.

This feature is not well-known, but it can be quite handy if you have a picture with a white background and want it to blend in with the color of the document. The default source color is white, but you can select any other color to get rid of the background.