How Do I Change My Profile Picture on Mathspace?

If you are a teacher and you want to change your profile picture on mathspace, click on the avatar in the bottom left corner of the screen. You will be prompted to complete a check in that gives you access to the student experience.

Once you are logged in to Mathspace, you will see your class list. You can update the class display name (which is how students will identify your class) and change the class year. You can also add new students by sharing the join link or adding them manually. You can also archive classes from this page if they are no longer active.

Students can log in to the app on touchscreen Chromebooks and iPads or at the website using Clever single sign on. They can also log in via their school email and password. If they have an email address associated with their account, they can receive weekly progress emails.

After logging in, they will be brought to the student dashboard where they can start a task or read a lesson. They can view recommended practice tasks based on their Skills Focus and click into one to begin the task. They can also use the navigation bar on the top to navigate between their Dashboard, Assignments and Textbook.

Students can access their Settings page from the navigation bar to update their email address and password. They can also update their grade level for the Skills Check-ins and change their Textbook focus, which will impact what they see by default when working independently.