How Do I Change My Background 2?

Background colors on web pages are set using CSS. To change the background color of an element specifically, add a class selector to its opening tag and apply that class selector to it.

At any point during a video meeting with Microsoft Teams, you have the option to apply a background effect that blurs your surroundings to allow you to focus on just conversation. This feature lets you take control of how much background noise there is during meetings so you don’t miss anything important during talks.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express offers an easy solution for quickly removing backgrounds from photos: simply select a subject and it automatically removes its background; alternatively, you can opt to use another background instead. Furthermore, the software lets you adjust selection parameters as well as create masks if needed.

To start using this software, launch the app and select an image from either your device or library – or upload a new picture as replacement – using either your smartphone, computer, tablet or printer. When done, click on “Edit” icon to begin editing it.

Once your picture has been edited, you can save or share it via social media. PNG files provide better image quality and transparency while brush and effect tools allow for further photo enhancements. In addition, there’s also an extensive library of royalty-free images.

Auto-remove background works best when your subject is clear and doesn’t include extraneous elements that don’t belong in its context, however it should not replace more complex editing techniques such as selecting and masking; additionally it may isolate unintended details and cause them to pixelate over time.

Photoshop Express stands out from other photo-editing apps by offering an array of adjustments that you can make to your photos, such as filters, exposure, contrast and sharpness settings. These tools allow you to achieve specific looks or moods for your pictures using filters, exposure contrast sharpness. In addition, the app includes several retouching tools which enable users to smooth skin, remove blemishes or reshape faces as needed.

Photoshop Express also boasts the unique capability of changing background colors – particularly useful if working with white backgrounds which can be tricky in other programs. Furthermore, saving copies of the image if your mind changes later.


Photo editing apps are an essential feature of smartphone use, enabling you to edit pictures quickly, easily, and on the go. Unfortunately, there are some restrictions with these apps, specifically regarding background replacement; due to their small screens it can be challenging to draw with one’s finger on objects to mark them with. Furthermore, most do not feature as many advanced features available from professional photo-editing programs.

LightX can help with that! This mobile photo editor specializes in background removal and offers various tools for it – such as transparent background removal or replacing it with solid colors or images. There are also tools to enhance subject by blurring or resizing; all while supporting JPG and PNG formats.

LightX can do more than remove backgrounds; it also offers artistic backdrops like metallic, neon, cloudy skies, vintage themes, abstract, and even abstract vintage ones to give photographs an artistic flare. Ideal for selfies, product advertising and social media posts alike! Additionally, LightX offers various photo-editing tools including cropping and resizing options.

Change the colors of an image by changing its brightness, temperature, tint and more to achieve more natural-looking photos and enhance their colors. This photo-editing app is free to download but contains ads.

Photoshop(r) provides another solution for changing backgrounds: this advanced photo-editing program runs on PCs, laptops and smartphones alike. Though one of the more complex photo editors out there, its use still requires knowledge of photography and computer graphics as well as accessing a range of brushes and other tools designed to accentuate subjects – although its interface may still not be as user-friendly than mobile photo-editing apps.


If your photograph features an distracting background, altering it with something more appealing can add contrast and make your subject stand out more. Use iPhoto to remove or create new backgrounds as desired; even alter its hue for greater vibrancy!

Altering the background of a photo can take time. Luckily, there are shortcuts you can use to speed up the process. First, find an image in Safari and long-press to bring up its pop-up menu. From there you can tap “Copy Subject” to copy its subject to your clipboard, which allows you to paste wherever needed or share online using social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. This shortcut makes creating and posting new backgrounds fast!

Use the Pages app on your iPhone or iPad to alter a photo background. First, add an image to a page – either one with already contained photos or creating one yourself – before clicking to edit and alter its background color, texture, intensity level, text placement or shape additions.

One effective method for changing your background is the free Luminar photo editing software for Mac or Windows, available as both an intelligent and content-aware photo enhancement application. It includes features such as layer, canvas and mask tools as well as advanced tools like noise reduction, sharpening and dodging and burning that photographers of any skill level can utilize to modify images intelligently and content-aware. You can even change its size, position and rotation while swapping in new backgrounds quickly – though remember to take frequent breaks while working at your computer to avoid teary eyes!

Google Photos

Google Photos has become a go-to cloud image manager with artificial intelligence-powered editing features for storing, organizing and optimizing photos. Over time it has enhanced its built-in editing features so you can get your shots looking their best without switching apps.

Google Photos offers you an effective and simple way to enhance the professional and artistic appeal of your images by blurring the background or foreground of a photo, which can help remove distracting objects or blemishes, as well as create beautiful bokeh effects. To use this tool, open up any photo and click Edit – this opens up its full menu of tools including blur options which you can adjust by tapping and dragging across it, as well as depth controls so you can tailor its depth for perfect bokeh effects! To use it yourself, open any photo and click Edit; this opens up this tool’s full menu which features its entire toolkit including blur options which you can tap and drag to customize while depth slider allows further tweaking depth control of this effect!

Google Photos offers other useful tools that can help make the most out of your photos, including a Magic Eraser that allows users to instantly remove objects or people from photos with one tap. This feature is especially handy if you don’t have time or the dedication for photo-editing programs like Photoshop; Google Photos offers this great alternative!

Google Photos allows users with Android smartphones running Android 7.0 or later to set a wallpaper on either their home or lock screens using an account linked with them, using version 5.22 or later of Google Photos app installed from Play Store. Once updated, long-press any empty space on either home or lock screens to reveal Google Wallpapers menu and set your wallpaper!

This menu offers both premade backgrounds to select, as well as uploading your own personalized backgrounds. Furthermore, you can change Chrome browser’s colors through this menu; to do this simply open a new tab and click the pen icon in the bottom-right corner – this will open a pop-up window in which you can choose either background category or upload image directly from computer.