How Do I Call a Number in Japan?

If you’re a traveller or expat, you’ll probably find yourself needing to call a number in Japan from time to time. Whether you’re looking to call your family or friends back home, or want to get in touch with your local Japanese colleagues, you need to know how to dial the number correctly and at the lowest possible cost.

First, you need to understand the basic format of Japanese phone numbers and country codes. There are a variety of ways to make an international call from a Japanese phone, but most commonly the process involves dialing a country code, followed by an area code, and then the phone number you wish to call.

Country codes are unique to each country, and they help to determine the country you’re calling from. When you’re making an international call from the US to Japan, you need to start by dialing 011 + 81 (the country code for Japan). Next, enter the area code and the local phone number (usually the same as your mobile or landline number).

Aside from this, many people prefer to use calling apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Google Voice and others, which allow you to make calls without having to pay extra for each call. These apps are also free to download, so they’re an inexpensive option for international calling.

Depending on your service provider, local and long-distance calling to Japan from the United States can be expensive. If you’re planning to make a lot of calls to Japan, consider buying a calling card or installing a calling software program that will automatically add minutes for a set price.

You can also save a lot of money by using a discount mobile plan. Many carriers offer discounts on long-distance and international calls to select countries, so check out your options.

The key is to find a plan that includes unlimited international calls, such as amaysim’s SIM-only plans with unlimited international calls to 27 different countries. These plans are wallet-friendly and incredibly easy to use, and they’ll save you from having to worry about running out of talk or text time when you need to call your loved ones abroad.

Dialing a number in japan is fairly simple, but it can be tricky to get the hang of when it comes to understanding international codes and dialling procedures. This is especially true if you’re new to dialling international numbers.

Area codes are the first one to five digits in a 9 or 13 digit Japanese phone number, and they identify which part of the country you’re calling from. There are a variety of area codes in Japan, and some prefectures have a single area code while others have dozens.

Cellular phone numbers in Japan are usually 10-digits long, while landline phone numbers are 9-digits. In some cases, it’s even possible to have two numbers for the same location!

If you’re traveling to Japan, it’s a good idea to buy a local phone and activate it before your arrival. You can do this by ordering a SIM card online, or from a cellular store in Japan. Alternatively, you can use your existing phone if it’s unlocked and compatible with Japanese carriers.