How Do I Approach My Art in a Gallery?

If you are an artist, you may have wondered how do i approach my art in a gallery. Whether it’s your first time or you’ve been in the industry for a while, there are several things you should know to ensure success. Taking these steps will give you a head start in the art world and make you feel more confident as an artist.

1. Networking with other artists and galleries

One of the best ways to get into a gallery is through relationships. This can be done through introducing yourself to other artists, attending their exhibits or by having them recommend you to the gallery director. This will allow you to develop a relationship with the gallery while peaking their interest in your work.

2. Sending a professional portfolio

Most art galleries expect you to submit a professional portfolio of 10 slides, photos or transparencies. This should include examples of your recent work, as well as a biography and an artistic statement. The gallery will then decide if you are suitable for representation or not.

3. Requesting an appointment with the gallery’s decision maker

If you feel you’ve found the right gallery for you, you should always contact them and request an appointment to present your portfolio. This will ensure you have a dedicated time to meet with the decision maker and discuss your work.

4. Doing your research on the gallery

Before contacting a gallery, be sure to check their website for submission policies. This will help you avoid making a mistake that could put you at a disadvantage in terms of getting your work accepted.

5. Attending the gallery’s exhibits

The most important thing to keep in mind when trying to get your art into a gallery is exposure. This can be achieved by exposing your paintings to the public through art contests, festivals and street fairs. This is an effective way to generate publicity for your artwork and will help you gain references that you can then use to try and get into the galleries of your dreams.

6. Developing a relationship with the gallery

Having a good relationship with the gallery is essential to getting your artwork into their gallery. It is very unlikely that you will be able to break into a gallery without it. Many galleries will choose to represent artists that they have developed a strong relationship with, so it is worth doing your research and finding out if this is the case for the gallery you want to work with.

7. Doing your part to promote the gallery

After a gallery accepts you as a client, it is your responsibility to sell your art to them. This is why it’s so crucial to be active on social media and to be promoting your work in a variety of ways. This will ensure that you are not being overlooked in the gallery’s promotion of your art and will increase the likelihood of your paintings being sold.