How Do I Add Another Language to My iPhone Keyboard?

If you’re a multilingual person, you may want to add another language to your iPhone keyboard for the optimum experience. It’s not as hard as you might think. You can set up your iPhone to type in multiple languages, and even change the order of the next-word suggestions. The process is pretty simple, and should only take a few minutes.

To find out how to add another language to your iPhone, you’ll need to start with the settings menu. Once you’ve got the settings menu open, you’ll want to find the Keyboard tab. Select it, and you’ll get a pop-up menu. Tap the “Add New Keyboard” option.

In the pop-up menu, you’ll be given a few options for adding a new keyboard. Choose the international keyboards option. This will allow you to select the regional keyboards you want to use. After you’ve chosen the language you’d like to use, you’ll see a list of the available languages. Select the one you’d like to use, and you’ll have access to your new keyboard from anywhere in the app.

Next, you’ll be presented with an emoji icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. Click on it to bring up the keyboard.

Below the emoji, you’ll see a globe-shaped icon. Holding the icon opens up a contextual menu. Touch and hold the icon to get a small overview of the different languages you have installed on your iPhone.

As you can see, there are dozens of options to choose from. However, your best bet is to opt for the emoji.

While the iPhone’s emoji keyboard is not as feature-rich as the desktop keyboard, it’s still a great way to practice a new language. There are no strings attached, and you can add as many languages as you’d like.

Now, you’ve probably already learned that the newest iPhone is equipped with a multilingual keyboard, but did you know you can customize the keyboard? By dragging the emoji to a different position, you can rearrange the list of keyboards.

Changing the language on your device can help you learn a new language, and it can also be a fun way to interact with your friends and family who are able to speak a different language. For example, if you have a French spouse, it might make sense to type in French before English, or vice versa. That way, you’ll be sure to impress them.

To do this, go to Settings, then General, then Language & Region. From there, you can adjust the regional settings to your liking.

When you’re finished, it’s time to go about your business. Go to the Messages app. Tap the globe-shaped icon to see what you’ve got.

Whether you’re an avid traveler or simply looking to improve your vocabulary, adding a new keyboard to your iPhone can help you communicate with people around the world. A new language could also mean new job opportunities, as you’ll be able to talk to more native speakers than ever before.