How Do I Add a Field to a Pivot Table?

If you need to add a field to a pivot table, you can do so using the tools in Excel. The first step is to open the file with the pivot table you want to edit. You can do this by finding and double-clicking the file on your computer.

Then, click the Pivot Table Analyze tab at the top of the screen to open the menu. Next, select Fields, Items, & Sets and choose Calculated Field from the drop-down list. Then, type the name of the new field in the “Name” box and create a formula for the calculated field in the “Formula” box.

When you do this, Excel will insert the new field into the Values area of your pivot table. Then, you can use the field in your Filters, Rows, or Columns sections to apply that formula to your data.

You can also use the calculated field as a column label, in which case it will be added to the Columns area of your pivot table and appear at the top of the column. Then, you can use that column label to filter the data in your pivot table and make a chart out of it.

For example, if you have sales records for a food company, and you want to display what was sold in each city. You can put a SalePrice column in the columns area of your pivot table to show how much money was spent in each city. Then, you can filter your data by that column to find out which cities are selling the most.

Another benefit of creating a custom calculated field is that you can easily change the formula of the new field without having to edit the source data to make those changes. You can also delete the calculated field later, if it becomes unnecessary.

To create a new custom field, go to the Fields, Items, & Sets section of the Pivot Table Analyze menu. In this area, click the Calculated Field button, which looks like an “fx” sign on a table icon on the toolbar.

This button will open a window where you can create a new custom column. In the “Name” box, type a descriptive name for the custom column and click OK.

Then, in the “Formula” box, enter a formula that calculates the data values of the new column. You can also click the “Insert” button to add the new field to the right side of your pivot table.

Adding fields to a pivot table is very quick and easy, but it does require some thinking before you begin. Think about why you are putting this information into the pivot table, and then plan which fields will be most useful for showing the information in your data.

In addition, it’s important to remember that the sum total of a calculated field isn’t equal to an individual row in your source data. You may need to put a formula in the source data that counts the number of rows if you want to count a specific row.