How Do Hooters Girls Get That Sexy Look?

Whether or not you’re a Hooters fan, it is no secret that Hooters Girls have some strict body image standards. And although you are not required to be a certain size or fit a specific look in order to work as a waitress or bartender at the chain, it’s no secret that they’ll do whatever it takes to have their employees look a certain way.

How do Hooters Girls get that sexy look?

As it turns out, Hooters girls are taught a number of sales tricks in order to succeed at their jobs. One of these is selling the restaurant’s merch, which can be a huge part of their income and can help them earn better shifts that in turn lead to bigger tips.

They also learn choreographed dances during training and if they hear a particular song start playing when their shift is about to begin, they have to stop everything and dance. They even have a rule against cell phones on the floor.

Another way they get a sexy look is by wearing bras that are padded with all sorts of different tricks to make their cleavage appear fuller and to cover up their bumps. For example, one girl we interviewed said that she uses an Amazon-purchased bra to pad her cleavage, while another uses a Victoria’s Secret-brand $70 boob-boosting bra.

A lot of girls we spoke to said that they actually made friends for life while working at Hooters, but they did get nervous and worried about how their appearance would impact their self-confidence when it came time to interview or apply for the job. Some of these girls cried into their buffalo wings when they were told they had been hired, but the experience did help them build their confidence and boosted their self-esteem in the end.

The company doesn’t require its girls to wear tights or pantyhose when they work, but they do have a uniform that they need to stick to. They have a set of shorts, a skirt, and a top that they are supposed to follow. And the bottoms don’t just match the top, but are based on their location and what the weather is like there. For example, if a girl is in Florida and she’s visiting a different location, she will trade her “Hollywood” top for the “Chicago” one.

If they aren’t able to meet these requirements, they will be fired. This can be very disheartening for any woman, but it’s especially true if you’re a Hooters girl.

When it comes to bras, the girls we spoke to say that it is important for them to have a good looking outfit. This is because they will be surrounded by a lot of people, and they want to look their best. They are also expected to keep their hair and makeup tidy so that customers don’t have to worry about them looking sloppy.

Despite their efforts to be sexy, the girls we spoke to said that they were still often judged for their looks at work. Some had even been asked if they could get a different job if they didn’t meet the sexy look standard.