How Do Dogs Pick a Favorite Person?

Dogs are loyal animals and they often choose to form a strong bond with one person in their lives. This is called “favoritism.” But how does a dog choose their favorite person?

Like humans, dogs pick their favorites based on their experiences and associations with people. For example, if someone always fills their water bowl, grooms them and takes them for walks every morning, they might associate that person with positive experiences.

Some dog breeds, such as grey hounds and Shiba Inus, tend to bond very strongly with just one person in their family. Others, such as Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, poodles and beagles, are more likely to spread their affection around.

A dog’s favorite person is usually the human that shows them the most love and attention. This can mean giving them plenty of belly rubs, letting them sleep next to you on the couch or rubbing their tummy when they’re feeling down.

You can tell if you’re a dog’s favorite person by observing their body language, says Dr. Barrack, a behavioral specialist. Look for signs that they are happy, such as wagging their tail and displaying a happy smile.

They may also show you that they like you by following you everywhere or licking your face, hands and feet. These are all signs that they love you and want to be near you.

When a dog is showing affection, they will usually be looking at you and sighing, as though they are trying to communicate with you. This is a very strong sign that they are truly loving you.

Your dog may also be bringing you gifts, whether that be toys or treats, which is another way they show they are devoted to you. These are a reminder that you are their number one fan and that they are safe with you.

If you notice your dog tucking their tail behind their back or hiding in a corner, that is also a good sign that they are thinking about you. Having a dog that is clingy can be really frustrating, but it is also an indicator of a deep bond between you.

Some dogs will choose to change their favorite person over time, especially when they feel a new human is forming a better relationship with them. This can be a result of many things, including socialization, if you adopted your dog when they were young.

However, if you’ve been the one to bond with your dog and make them feel loved and secure, you can still help your dog choose you as their favorite person. Just be patient with your dog and give them time to build their affection. Then, you might see a big difference in how they treat you and your family. You might even become their favorite person in no time!