How Can You Play Cheat With 2 Players?

Cheat is a card game involving deception. Players may play any rank card they choose and lie about them when needed; if another player accuses a person of cheating however, that player must return all played cards immediately and collect them before another accusation can be lodged against them.

This game is an effective way for kids to learn about lying, as well as bluffing successfully.


One pack of 52 cards should be sufficient for four or fewer players; when dealing with five or more, two packs are recommended. Once distributed evenly amongst each Player, the first Player adds their card face down into the pile before declaring what rank it is (this could even be falsified!). There is a maximum limit to how many cards a Player may discard at once legally but other Players can easily take action to circumvent it).

Cheat’s success rests in its long-term strategy. If a Player becomes adept at bluffing frequently, other Players may become less willing to call them out when their Bluff is successful. This principle also holds true in other card games like Old Maid or Verish’ Ne Verish’ (Trust – Don’t Trust), where variants allow Players to conceal more playing than they actually claim; such practices can be challenged and revealed much like in Cheat.


Scored cards in this game are counted by counting the cards a player claims they played but actually didn’t, such as matching up cards you claim with ones actually played; you could do this in various ways such as comparing what card you currently possess against ones claimed – but be wary – your claim must be true or else it could end in tears and discard piles! Four or less Players play this game with a standard 52-card pack while those five or more should use two packs instead, with cards distributed equally among them – dealers may either randomly selected by or player choice!