How Can I Turn My Old TV Into a Smart TV?

Many modern TVs and monitors are smart-enabled, meaning you can connect them to WiFi and access online media content. But what if your older set or monitor doesn’t support these capabilities?

Converting “dumb” devices into smart TVs is easier than you think – we will show you all the best methods without breaking the bank!

Streaming devices

By connecting a streaming device to your existing television or monitor, you can make it smart. These devices will allow you to access the Internet and stream video content from various services like YouTube, Hulu and Netflix; however, in order to do this properly. Furthermore, they allow access to built-in features of the television such as voice control, screen mirroring and using its remote for interaction with it.

Streaming devices come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but all share one feature in common: they all connect to your TV via an HDMI port. Some streaming devices, like Roku Streaming Stick or Amazon Fire TV Stick are small enough to fit directly into an HDMI port on an existing TV, then connect directly with home WiFi service and display media you subscribe to on TV screen. Other devices, like Chromecast or Google TV Box work differently; playing media from laptop or tablet then broadcasting over home WiFi network to television screen is their method of operation.

To convert to smart TV viewing, it’s essential that your television has an HDMI input. You can do this by looking at the back of your television for an HDMI cable connector; otherwise, an adapter will need to be purchased to connect it to streaming devices.

One of the best ways to turn an old TV into a smart TV is with an affordable streaming device. These can easily plug into HDMI ports on the television set and run Android or Apple operating systems – providing access to video and music streaming services, plus controlling other smart home products.

Gaming consoles

Modern televisions typically include an inbuilt streaming platform for apps like Disney+ Hotstar Netflix Amazon etc. But what if your older television does not? There are multiple methods you could try in order to convert it to smart TV status; but be prepared to spend money.

Video game consoles – which are specialized computers dedicated specifically to video gaming – offer many advantages for making old TVs smarter. Connecting the console easily to HDTV, accessing streaming media services, storing physical audio/video files securely, as well as acting as replacement media players by supporting optical media playback are among its many advantages.

Video game consoles offer an inexpensive way to upgrade an old TV into something smarter. TODAY’s Trevor Long walks us through some creative tech add-ons ranging from $58 to $259 that can make your existing television smarter than before.

An additional streaming device can also be an effective solution to turn any regular television into a smart TV. These small boxes plug directly into an HDMI port on your television and access the internet to provide content from online providers like YouTube or Netflix. They typically run various operating systems such as Android or Apple’s iOS.

These devices can act as smart TVs in their own right, with some offering voice-activated remote controls and the capability of mirroring mobile phone screens onto television screens. Amazon Fire Stick Lite costs around PS118 with Alexa voice remote support; more expensive media streaming devices such as Apple TV start at around PS139 for much greater storage capacities than competing media streaming devices.

No matter which approach you take, it is crucial to remember that an ordinary TV won’t become smart without an HDMI input and cable that supports HDCP (High-Definition Content Protection). Otherwise, quality issues might arise with videos displayed.

Blu-ray players

Many new TVs on the market today feature smart functionality built-in, allowing you to stream Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime content without needing an additional device. But what if your budget doesn’t allow for purchasing an entirely new smart TV right now? Don’t despair — there are still ways that you can turn an old flatscreen into a smart TV!

One option for making any HDTV smart is by purchasing a Blu-ray player with streaming capabilities and HDMI input capability. Some Blu-ray players even feature Ethernet port capabilities to allow easy networking access from within your home network.

Many of these devices feature remotes that allow you to control both the TV and other devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, including music and video content stored either locally on a computer, cloud storage services or directly on an HDMI output device. Some even support Apple AirPlay so you can mirror the screen of an iPhone, iPad or Mac onto the television screen!

Another method to convert an old TV into a smart TV is with the help of streaming devices, like Roku TV streaming sticks. You can purchase these for less than PS40 and they work with any television with an HDMI input, effortlessly connecting to your Wi-Fi network and easily controlled via either remote control or smartphone app.

These devices provide access to an assortment of apps, such as news, sports, movies, TV shows and music – including HDR and Dolby Atmos audio support as well as traditional DVDs and CDs that you may already possess.

Smart TVs

If you want to transform your old TV into a smart TV, a third-party device could be just what’s needed. With access to numerous apps offering music videos and more as well as streaming media from PCs and other devices in your home. Easy setup will give your television a modern appearance at a much lower cost than buying new smart TV.

Smart TVs differ from regular televisions in that they feature built-in Internet connectivity, enabling it to access various online streaming channels like Disney+ Hotstar and Netflix as well as display photos, play games and connect to other smart devices in your home – acting like an extension of your phone or tablet device.

Smart TVs can be found from numerous brands, but they generally cost more than non-smart sets. If you’re interested in getting one of these units, look out for specials and promotions as this can save money while offering higher quality viewing and extra features such as voice control and 4K resolution.

Most smart TVs today come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and come preloaded with an assortment of online streaming channels, web browsing capabilities and other useful apps. However, some smart TVs can collect data about your purchases and viewing habits unless specifically opted-out; if privacy concerns arise in this regard it might be prudent to opt for an external media streaming device instead.

If you want the convenience and benefits of smart TV technology but lack the budget for a new one, third-party devices offer a solution. Most plug into the HDMI port on your television screen and can connect to Wi-Fi networks and various operating systems such as Android TV or Roku; some even enable mirroring of smartphone or other compatible device screens onto TV. From Apple TV streaming devices (if you are part of Apple ecosystem) or Roku or Google TV streaming devices if not, these upgrades will give your old TV much-needed upgrade.