How Can I Ship Golf Clubs For Cheap?

If you love to travel, but hate to carry a heavy golf bag around all day, you’ve probably tried to find ways to ship your clubs ahead of time. While it’s a little more expensive than simply packing them in your checked baggage, shipping them is a great way to save yourself from having to lug them on public transportation.

The cost of shipping can vary greatly depending on where you’re sending your clubs, the service you choose, and how fast they need to get to their destination. However, you can usually find a few cheap options that will get them to their destination in no time.

1.USPS Cardboard Mailing Tubes

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers free Priority Mail Cardboard Mailing Tubes that are perfect for shipping golf clubs. These tubes measure 38 1/8 ” x 6 3/8 ” x 5 5/16″ and are ideal for small groups of clubs.

2.USPS Priority Mail Boxes

If you don’t want to use USPS cardboard mailing tubes, or if your clubs aren’t quite large enough for a Medium tube, USPS also sells box sizes for clubs. These boxes are available at most USPS Post Offices.

3.UPS Stores and FedEx Retail Locations

UPS stores have staff that can help you package your golf clubs. They can also ship them to destinations in the United States or abroad.

4.DHL Worldwide Express

If you need to ship your clubs to a location overseas, DHL is the perfect choice. They offer fast international shipping, and their prices are competitive.

5.FedEx Specialty Packaging for Golf Bags

For a small fee, you can bring your golf bag to one of the many FedEx Authorized ShipCenters across the country. There, a local FedEx professional can wrap your club case and seal the bag securely.

6.FedEx Ground

If your goal is to send your clubs as part of a larger household shipment, you can take advantage of FedEx’s at-home pickup option for all four levels of delivery (Ground, Express, 2Day, and Standard Overnight). The service also includes discounts on shipments with a minimum weight or size.

7.UPS/FedEx Accountholders

If you’re a FedEx customer, you can save on shipping by taking your bag to one of the more than 4,500 locations nationwide for at-home pickup. The team at your nearest FedEx office will pack and protect your club bags while helping you select the best shipping method for your needs.

8.UPS/FedEx Home Pickup

If all the above options don’t appeal to you, or you simply don’t have time to pack and ship your clubs yourself, you can always use UPS or FedEx for a pickup at your nearest store. These companies have a large network of stores that are staffed with experts who can help you prepare your golf bags for transport.

9.DHL Cross Border Services

If you need to ship your golf clubs to a different country, you can contact DHL directly for a quote. They will give you a detailed quotation based on your location and the size and weight of your golf clubs.