How Can I Make My Teeth Whiter Naturally?

A whiter smile is something that many people desire, but it can be difficult to achieve without a trip to the dentist. However, while whitening products and professional whitening procedures are certainly effective, there are also natural ways to achieve whiter teeth that are safe for your oral health and the environment.

Baking soda is an extremely popular ingredient used in a variety of teeth whitening products due to its powerful whitening properties. Baking soda is naturally abrasive and can help scrub away surface stains while also neutralizing the acid in your mouth that causes plaque and tartar. It can be added directly to your toothbrush or mixed with water for an easy home whitening paste. However, it’s important to note that baking soda is not a replacement for regular dental care and should be used no more than twice a week.

Lemon juice is another common and natural way to whiten teeth. It is a mildly abrasive and can help remove staining by breaking down protein on the surface of your teeth. This helps make it easier to brush away bacteria and can be used in combination with a whitening toothpaste to double the effect. However, it’s important to remember that rubbing lemon juice on your teeth can be abrasive and cause damage if done too often.

Apple cider vinegar is another commonly used natural whitening solution. It can be rubbed onto the teeth as a mouthwash or rinsed with warm water to remove stains and whiten your smile. However, it’s important to remember to only use apple cider vinegar sparingly as it is very acidic and can wear away at enamel if used too frequently.

Coconut oil is also a popular natural whitening agent. It can be used as a mouthwash or swished around the mouth for 20 minutes a day to remove toxins and bacteria that can lead to discoloration. This is an ancient Ayurvedic practice called “oil pulling” and has been shown to whiten the teeth, improve breath, and improve overall oral health.

Lastly, powdered milk can also be used as a natural tooth whitening product. Simply add a small amount to your regular toothpaste before brushing to help remove stains. However, this method may not work well for those with crowns or veneers as it can discolor these types of dental work.

While wanting a whiter smile is completely normal, it’s important to remember that the bright and shiny smiles you see on social media are often photoshopped or otherwise filtered, and not an accurate representation of your own smile. While these natural whitening methods can be helpful, it’s always best to visit a dentist for a thorough dental exam and cleaning so that you can be sure your smile is healthy and happy!