How Can I Impress My Elder Sister?

Sisters can be very close, especially when they grow up together. However, some sisters can become distant and resentful. Some even fight with each other. Fights usually happen over things like chores, borrowing personal belongings, competition, and individual hygiene. To avoid these petty fights, it is essential for sisters to maintain a good and close relationship. To do this, there are some tips that can be followed. This article will show you how can i impress my elder sister.

1. Know her and understand her.

Your sister needs to know that you love her, and one way to do this is by knowing her. This means that you should learn as much as you can about her interests, personality, and temperament. Knowing her will also help you know what to do or say to make her happy. It will also be easier to deal with her when she gets irritated.

2. Treat her as your best friend.

This will give her the impression that you are a good sister and a trusted friend. It will also make her look up to you. In addition, treating her as your best friend will also show that you respect her opinion and you trust her. You should also be a good listener to her and offer her support during difficult times. You can also treat her to a special outing.

3. Be a role model.

As an older sibling, it is your responsibility to be a role model for your younger siblings. You can do this by abiding by the rules of the house and not gossiping or using inappropriate language in front of them. You can also be a positive influence by following your parents’ example and treating them with respect.

4. Don’t let your pride get in the way of your relationships.

It is easy to feel tempted to let your pride get in the way of your relationship with your sister. But, if you want to be a good sister, it is important to be humble and admit your faults. If you are arguing with your sister, try to resolve it peacefully by apologizing. But, don’t make the mistake of returning an insult; this will only escalate the conflict.

5. Support her hobbies and activities.

Supporting your sister’s hobbies and activities is a great way to improve your relationship with her. For example, if she plays a sport, you can go and watch her play, or you can paint with her if she likes art. You can also offer to practice with her if she is in a school play. If you are old enough, you can cook for her and try to impress her with your cooking skills. This is a great way to show your sister that you care about her and that you value her opinions.