How Can I Get a Free Green Screen?

Green screen is an image or video replacement technique used in visual effects (VFX) production to make actors appear as though they’re in locations they cannot physically reach.

Shotcut is an open-source green screen software with advanced chroma key capabilities and an intuitive user interface, making it the ideal solution.

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If you’re interested in creating green screen videos, look no further. There are numerous free and affordable options that provide everything needed to get the job done quickly and professionally. No matter your experience level or expertise in editing video, these green screen apps can help create professional-looking videos quickly with their feature-packed applications that make the task simpler than ever.

Chroma keying (green screen technology), allows you to instantly swap any background with another image or video. With the aid of a free green screen app, this process is quick and easy – great for shooting weather forecasts, filming scenes for movies or fashion photoshoots alike! Choose from an extensive range of backgrounds for your footage as well as add effects.

App is available on both iOS and Android devices. It features both timeline and storyboard editing modes; storyboard editing mode offers less editing options but is ideal for beginners or those who do not wish to spend too much time learning how to use video editing software.

HitFilm is another option for green screen video editing. This free chroma key software has been around for more than 25 years and provides an ideal solution for your green screen needs. With multiple effects that support 4K workflows and an easy-to-use interface that’s suitable for users at all experience levels. While the free version has limited features (watermark), paid versions provide no watermark as well as additional options.


Green screens are large pieces of stretched synthetic fabric used for filming weather forecasts, movie scenes, fashion gloss shoots or beauty editorials. Video editors also utilize green screens in post-production work by using them to remove backgrounds from foreground subjects; this process is known as chroma keying. HitFilm offers both free and paid versions; beginners should opt for the free one first; then upgrade for additional features later if you wish.

This software features multiple effects and an easy compositing system, perfect for beginners. It can create fire, aged TV and pitch shift effects easily; plus it produces professional-grade results quickly! As one of the top green screen programs available today, it makes an ideal starting point.

HitFilm differs from Final Cut and Premiere by being open source, meaning its developers can add new features and improvements constantly. Furthermore, it’s a cross-platform application, meaning you can use it either on Windows or Mac and it works well with third-party programs such as Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion.

FXhome’s HitFilm Pro is an intuitive non-linear video editor with an expansive library of audio and visual effects, made even simpler by an easy interface and built-in tutorial and community forum for its free version. Available for monthly subscription or lifetime license purchase.


Green screens are pieces of fabric designed to serve as the background for video. They come in any color and can be placed anywhere within your studio space for video creation from home – such as cooking demonstrations. After filming has concluded, you can add visual effects like blurring, glows, mosaicing and posterization effects as well as text or other graphics for effects that make the video stand out even further.

Visual effects in videos can be challenging, but there are a few simple steps you can take to get them underway. First and foremost, ensure you use an appropriate type of green screen, make sure that the camera captures your subject at their ideal position, and choose an appropriate background for your video.

Lightworks requires you to first import both video and background image, which you can do by clicking the Open File button in the top-left corner of the Shotcut window. In addition, additional clips may be added by holding down Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac).

After selecting and inserting your green screen clip into the timeline, you can move or drag its location with respect to time. In addition, the distance can also be changed – this determines how much of its green background appears in your video.

Once your green screen effect has been selected, the VFX tab at the top of Shotcut allows you to make adjustments such as offset tolerance and edge feather options for it.

Do Ink

Do Ink is an intuitive app designed to give students an enjoyable, hassle-free way to create amazing green screen videos and photos with pre-saved photos or videos on their device, or live video camera input. With Do Ink’s very simplistic experience but rich visual capabilities for storytelling and explaining ideas uniquely expressed through storytelling visuals can come together beautifully in Do Ink.

This green screen app uses the “chroma key” technique to change the background of videos or images using an array of images and textures, including many popular characters and landscapes. Once you’ve chosen your background image or texture, add text and music for an animated video production and save your finished piece to either iPad or computer for viewing later!

As opposed to most green screen apps, this one features a layer for importing and editing video clips, making it easier to layer photos, video clips, texts and texts into multiple layers. You can add effects like filters transitions effects etc and even record an audio track and voiceover! Create your masterpiece today.

Kinemaster is one of the best green screen apps available, yet not free. As an innovative video editor it supports both Android and iOS devices with its multilayer effect and 4K resolution support. Furthermore, Kinemaster features an alpha mask feature to remove shadows from subjects as well as an optional watermark that can be removed by subscribing to its premium version.


Kapwing is a free video editing tool with many useful features for users to take advantage of. Its chroma key software enables users to replace backgrounds in videos and photos with one from other media formats; different overlays such as blurring colors; text/graphic addition; video trimming can also be utilized to remove unnecessary parts of clips; while its video compression feature ensures fast uploads.

Cloud platforms such as this one provide easy access from any browser or device, with intuitive navigation that’s user-friendly; saving work for later use can also be accomplished easily with them. They have built-in search functions so it’s simple to find exactly what tool suits your needs as well as supporting various file formats.

Kapwing allows users to easily create content of all kinds with this versatile platform – promotional videos, infographics, social media posts, screenshots and screencast videos are just a few examples – it’s ideal for casual creators but may not meet professional requirements for advanced tools and complex functionality.

Kapwing integrates with various platforms, making it easy to create videos tailored specifically to TikTok or YouTube. Unfortunately, exporting files may take more time than expected – frustrating users on a tight deadline. Paid plans offer additional advanced features but are not as powerful as Camtasia. Kapwing prides itself on offering superior customer support with extensive tutorial libraries, advanced search features and full contextual log information, which enable customers to quickly solve problems.