How Can I Freeze Peaches Whole?

If you’re planning on freezing peaches, it’s important to know how to do it properly. Proper storing can help prevent food spoilage and also protect your health. Hence, it’s crucial to understand the various types of storage containers available in the market. From plastic and glass to reusable and space-saving containers, we’ll dive into the basics of how to freeze your peaches using the best freezer storage containers.

Peel and Slice

You can easily store sliced peaches whole, but it’s easier to peel and cut them before freezing. This makes them easy to use in your favorite recipes and snacks. This is a great way to preserve them without adding sugar or other preservatives, and it allows you to enjoy them throughout the year.

Make a Lemon-Glazed Peach Spread

To maintain the quality and color of peaches while freezing, toss slices in a thin layer of fresh lemon juice before placing them in the freezer. This technique helps prevent them from turning brown and also keeps the skins intact, making it a great way to preserve your peaches!

Flash Freeze

To prevent oxidization and keep peaches vibrant, it’s best to freeze them quickly. This method involves boiling the fruit, then removing it from the water and putting it in an airtight container. It’s a quick and simple process that can last up to a year!

Canning the Peaches inside Glass Jars

This is another popular and effective storing technique. It’s an airtight, space-saving and convenient way to freeze your peaches. However, you have to be careful when selecting the jars for this purpose since some may crack or break when frozen.

Freezing the Peaches Whole

If you want to freeze peaches whole, all you have to do is place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and then place it in the freezer. This will ensure that they are evenly distributed, and the skins will not cling to each other. Once they’ve frozen, transfer them to an airtight container and label it with the date and how many you have.

Then, once the freezer is full, put them back in the freezer and you’re ready to enjoy your delicious peaches!

Blanching the Peaches

To prevent oxidization, it’s best to blanch your peaches before freezing them. This will help them thaw faster and will also save you time when you’re trying to use them later.

It’s a simple, yet effective, procedure that can be done with any number of jars or containers. It’s a good idea to choose a large jar that can accommodate all the peaches you plan on freezing.

Add a Light Syrup to the Peaches

For this simple preserving technique, you simply need to cover the peaches with a syrup made from boiling water and sugar. The syrup will protect the peaches from oxidation while they’re freezing.

The syrup will also preserve the fruit’s flavor and colors. You can use this method for a variety of fruits, including sour varieties such as grapefruit. Just be sure to add the right amount of syrup for the peaches’ sweetness level and type of syrup you use, because too much can turn your peaches sour.