How Can I Draw on My MacBook Pro?

Digital art has quickly become an immensely popular creative discipline that can be explored both professionally and amateurishly alike. Digital artists use it for everything from concept design to vector illustrations – while graphic design apps may be costly investments for serious users.

Mac computers feature an inbuilt drawing tool called Preview that can be used for doodling and sketching. Its easy interface provides familiar markup tools.

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Wacom tablets are an ideal way for artists to easily create digital art. Easy and straightforward to use, it works seamlessly with any computer. But before purchasing one, it is essential that you research all available models carefully; your ideal selection will depend on your individual requirements. A key consideration here should be pressure sensitivity levels as this determines how closely drawings on screen resemble actual pen marks; higher levels will provide greater accuracy.

Size is another essential consideration when buying a tablet computer, as you need one that suits both your space and hands comfortably. A tablet should feel light enough that you can move it easily from place to place while being easy enough for one person to hold and use comfortably – the Wacom Intuos Pro tablet is an example of such a model.

This tablet is easy to set up and comes complete with everything needed to get going – including a fine tip pen, accessory case and 10 A5 paper sheets. There’s also a power button, charging port and fabric stylus holder – making this ideal for beginners as its affordable pricing and quality display make this tablet perfect.

While not as large as the Wacom Intuos, this digital artist tablet still makes for a suitable solution. Boasting a 12.9-inch display – still larger than iPad Pro’s largest version – and supported apps on Mac that accept stylus input, as well as Sidecar for mirroring iPad screens with Mac desktop computers to allow drawing on-the-go, it makes an excellent companion device.

Apple has improved file resolution and function over time with their iPad Pro device. Furthermore, its powerful processor and battery life make this an attractive device to consider when looking at different apps available to it.


Huion is one of the premier affordable art and drawing tablet manufacturers, offering a comprehensive selection of models and sizes to meet all artist needs – from beginners to professionals. Their mid-sized tablet, the HS610P works seamlessly with digital art software while its stylus feels responsive – an excellent option for artists seeking a versatile, yet budget-conscious drawing tablet solution.

The HUION Kamvas Pro 24 4K drawing monitor is an outstanding drawing monitor compatible with most digital art programs and devices, including Android smartphones and tablets. Utilizing industry-leading Quantum Dot technology and 1800R curvature for pro-level performance, it can be connected to Mac computers as well as smartphones or tablets such as the Huion HS610P tablet for hands-free use – perfect for dragging apps directly from Mac desktop onto Huion display!

As well as your Huion tablet, for maximum productivity you will require quality drawing software such as Krita. Krita offers an expansive toolset suitable for creating sketch art, digital paintings and photo editing – the best choice being Krita itself!

Wacom offers two tablet options; its high-end models and their more cost-effective cousin, Intuos Pen Tablet. Both models provide similar experiences; its pressure sensitivity is top notch while its battery-free stylus make this choice perfect for digital artists of any skill level.

Professional digital illustrators should invest in a drawing tablet from a company known for its quality products and offering reliable warranties, as well as one that’s easy to set up and use.

Online, there is a range of drawing tablets compatible with MacBooks available that provide exceptional performance and features. Some are more costly than others, but all provide excellent performance and functionality – most come equipped with d-pad and touchpad controls as well as built-in speakers – plus some offer videoconferencing capability or offer webcam integration!

Magic Trackpad

The Magic Trackpad is an Apple computer accessory designed for use with a stylus. This product enables users to draw impressive pictures on their MacBook Pro using only their stylus – no additional cables needed! Plus it works with most third-party apps and supports various Mac gestures! Users can customize their gestures using this product – however it isn’t as customizable as using a mouse and doesn’t support side buttons that exist on certain mice!

The Magic trackpad is an ideal solution for Mac users seeking more precision, flexibility and comfort than what traditional mice provide. Featuring touch and pressure options with intuitive use, the trackpad comes equipped with a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable that makes portability effortless. Furthermore, the Magic Trackpad includes Force Touch which enables users to perform certain actions with a slighter-than-normal click – for instance searching a word or address into the dictionary instantly or getting directions immediately are just two options of many.

Keep in mind when purchasing a trackpad with pen for macbook that the stylus may not work smoothly with all Macs or trackpads; some users have reported having issues while others had no trouble at all using their stylus with their trackpad. Therefore, before making a purchase decision it is crucial that you test out any potential purchases before making your final choice.

Beginners may find it challenging to learn all of the Mac trackpad with pen for macbook gestures. Thankfully, there are a variety of free drawing apps that will enable them to practice the basic techniques before progressing onto more advanced ones. Pages for Mac is one such program designed for word processing but has an integral markup tool which can also be used for sketching or doodling; another useful app for drawing is Preview’s free and straightforward program designed for opening images and PDFs but which also features sketching features – another popular program used for doing just this type of thing is Preview’s convenient opening and editing images or PDFs but which also features sketching tools allowing novice artists a headstart when learning.


Freeform, Apple’s take on a whiteboard app, comes pre-installed with MacOS Ventura 13, iOS 16.2, and iPad OS 16.2. It features a blank canvas that stretches in all directions with drawing tools and features for handwritten notes and sketches as well as support for Apple Pencils that allows them to draw directly from any iPad or iPhone running iCloud.

Freeform’s drawing tools may not match up to those found in professional drawing apps like Procreate or Astropad Studio, but they still prove useful for brainstorming ideas, creating mood boards, doodling and doodling. There is a pencil, marker and crayon with customizable opacity and thickness settings as well as stickers for adding shapes, stickers and text to drawings – and there is an extensive library with over 700 shapes available – as well as drag ‘n drop files from other apps into Freeform as well as integrated FaceTime support so video chat can take place while using Freeform itself!

Apple has integrated Freeform with other applications so users can create and collaborate on projects together with ease. For instance, users can import PDF documents onto the board for annotation before adding videos from iPhone/iPad cameras as well as website, map, and location links to websites, maps, locations or sticky notes that can be customized; typed text that can be formatted using various font sizes bolding bullet lists etc is all possible with Freeform.

Freeform makes it simple and fast to collaborate on boards with up to 99 users, viewing changes instantly. Group video chats make Freeform ideal for families or friends using Apple devices who need to brainstorm or collaborate; its simplicity offers an attractive alternative to other whiteboard and collaborative tools which require subscription fees or additional software licenses.

Pages is Apple’s word processing program for macOS that offers another alternative to Freeform. You can use Pages to easily create basic freehand drawings and connect lines automatically – perfect for students and educators on the move who require drawings on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, Pages allows you to select or edit shapes simply by clicking or selecting points then dragging your cursor over them.