How Can I Clean My Throat After Smoking?

Smoking weed can make your throat feel dry and irritated. This irritation can trigger a cough, which can lead to choking on your own spit. The good news is that a cough doesn’t always last as long as you might expect, especially if you take the right steps to help ease it.

Coughing is a natural part of the body’s process of clearing the throat and lungs. But, when smoke irritates your throat and lungs too much it can trigger an annoying smoker’s cough that can last for days or even weeks after you quit smoking.

To relieve your symptoms, try drinking plenty of water to keep your throat hydrated. Drinking warm liquids can also soothe the throat and help thin mucus. Avoid sugary beverages like sodas, though, because they can exacerbate your symptoms. Drinking herbal tea, such as black or chamomile, is another great option, as these can also soothe the throat and help you get better sleep.

You can also use a humidifier to add moisture to your room and keep your throat moist. This can help reduce throat irritation and prevent a sore throat, which may make you clear your throat more often. If you have a chronic throat issue, talk to your doctor about ways to help treat it.

Many of the same home remedies for a sore throat can help you cope with a dry throat after smoking. A hearty bowl of chicken soup has long been a popular cold remedy, and it can be just as effective for a dry throat caused by smoking. Other home remedies include glycerin-based throat lozenges or candy, and gargling with salt water 3-4 times per day.

In addition to a dry throat, smoking can cause other health issues, such as a chronic cough or bronchitis. These symptoms can be caused by irritants in the air, such as cigarette smoke and other pollutants. In some cases, a chronic throat issue can also be the result of a medication you’re taking. If this is the case, talk to your doctor about changing the prescription.

Taking vitamins or herbal supplements that claim to cleanse your lungs can actually be harmful. These products may contain ingredients that irritate your throat and lungs, such as menthol, and can be counterproductive to the healing process.

If you find yourself clearing your throat frequently, there may be no underlying condition, and it could simply be a habit or reaction to stress. You can try to break this habit by drinking more water, or talking to a therapist about your anxiety and stress. If your symptom is severe, you should seek medical help immediately. Your doctor may prescribe medication or recommend throat exercises to help reduce your symptoms. They may also recommend a throat massage or other techniques to help you relax. Depending on the cause, treatment options may include surgery or lifestyle changes.