How Can I Check My Bank Account Balance by SMS 2?

Smartphones and the internet make it possible to easily keep an eye on your bank accounts, with one of the easiest methods being UPI apps.

Make sure your mobile number is registered with the bank to get an SMS alert of your account balance.

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If your bank account shares the same name as your mobile phone number, you can receive automatic SMS balance updates free of charge. To do this, register your mobile phone with your bank. Alternatively, push notifications can also provide balance updates – to do so simply download a UPI app and create an ID; once created you can use it to make or receive payments across UPI apps.

UPI apps are a safe and straightforward way to monitor your bank balance. Available on most smartphones with compatible operating systems, these applications require you to enter information such as your IFSC code or three-letter bank name, mobile number and create a PIN before sending you a verification code – protecting both you and your personal information!

Another fast and convenient way of checking your bank balance is calling its customer service line. While this method may save time and effort, extra charges may apply depending on how often you contact the bank’s customer care number from a phone that’s untrusted – otherwise your financial data could be stolen for illegal activities.

Checking your bank balance using an ATM is another effective way. But for maximum savings, only use the one provided by your own bank – otherwise additional charges could arise from using the machine regardless of whether or not you withdraw or deposit funds. Furthermore, proof of identity may be needed before using an ATM.

An alternative method of checking bank balance is using the USSD code *99#. This USSD code does not correspond with any specific mobile network or bank; rather it will give an overall account balance across all your accounts associated with that phone number. Furthermore, using this feature you can even transfer funds between accounts by providing their MMID/mobile number/IFSC code or Aadhaar number of recipient. This feature can be particularly helpful for those with multiple bank accounts.


Many banks offer convenient services that enable their customers to check bank balances via mobile phones. These banking services are offered via toll-free numbers and missed call services, and allow you to easily confirm account balances, receive mini statements, make balance transfers without visiting a branch, use them from anywhere around the globe, free of cost, easy and safe methods of checking balances.

Simplest way to check bank balance is sending an SMS to the bank. This service is free, however be sure that your phone number is registered or someone may intercept and gain access to your account. To prevent this happening, change phone number or register new name under which account was opened if possible.

OP Account SMS allows you to stay informed of your account transactions via mobile phone in real time. Choose whether to have the messages show your balance, or just a snapshot of all payments and withdrawals over the past month. Furthermore, notifications for payments made or credits made by other people who share access with you are provided as an additional service – something which could prove especially helpful if sharing one account is part of your lifestyle.

OP Account makes mobile credit reloading instantly possible through text messaging to 8700 and allows up to five beneficiaries who would like their credit reloaded instantly. This feature saves both time and money as it eliminates the need to purchase scratch cards or visit stores to replenish it.

All that’s necessary for SMS advertising is having a registered mobile number and phone that is active. Furthermore, you should be familiar with your operator’s standard SMS rates in order to stay competitive in your market.


Today’s technology makes many financial operations easily manageable on your mobile phone, including checking bank account balance. Many banks now offer various ways for checking bank account balance such as SMS notifications, push notifications, UPI apps and net banking – each method offering secure and convenient service that lets you move money between different banks securely.

To obtain an immediate update of your bank balance, the banking app on your mobile phone can provide real-time updates. Simply download a free version from either your bank website or app store, verify your identity by entering an OTP sent to your mobile number and log in – viewing account information including any pending transactions that haven’t yet cleared out!

An ATM is another excellent way to check your bank balance quickly. Most banks will allow customers to use their ATMs free of charge; however, some networks may charge fees. To reduce fees and ensure fast updates to your account quickly. Ideally use one with the same network as your bank.

Send a text message to the customer service number of your bank. This method is quick and simple, though registration of your mobile number with them may be necessary for this to work correctly. Ideally, checking SMS alerts when opening an account will provide instantaneous notification when there is any transaction on it.

Bank of India makes it easy to monitor your account balance through their Star Connect Mobile Banking Link service. Simply visit its website, choose Mobile Banking from the drop-down menu, enter your net banking credentials and four-digit SMS password of choice and press Go! Your balance should appear quickly! Alternatively, opt for mini statements for more complete information on transactions.

Calling the bank

People today rely on smartphones more and more often to check their bank balance and manage their finances, with several ways available that require or don’t require internet connectivity – all offering convenient, quick, and simple solutions that can help people avoid overdrawing accounts.

If you don’t own a smartphone or are uncomfortable using online banking, another way is calling your bank and using their automated telephone systems to get an account balance update is calling them directly. Most banks provide such systems that allow customers to gain information anytime. Their phone number should be available on their website or documents sent from them; and may request certain identifying details such as your debit card/checking account number/PIN and possibly even social security/tax ID numbers in certain cases if calling from outside the U.S.

An alternative way to check your bank balance is visiting an ATM. Many banks provide apps on mobile devices that allow users to quickly and easily view account balances and recent transactions – these apps can often be found on Apple App Store or Google Play and most smartphones may support them; some banks may charge for accessing them though.

Visit a physical branch. Some banks provide dedicated lines or wait in a queue before speaking with customer service representative about checking your bank balance, while other may require you to wait in queue and meet them directly. You can also ask the bank to email or SMS an account statement regarding your balance – though this requires your mobile phone being registered with them and having active internet connectivity.

As a new customer, you can open an account with any bank you prefer and take advantage of digital banking services. Just make sure that it offers digital services and has convenient location; furthermore only use verified platforms or websites when checking bank balance as uncertified ones can lead to financial loss and grant access to personal information that could compromise you.