House Party Cheat Codes

The House Party is an interactive RPG in which you must complete quests and interact with attendees in order to advance the story. Your choices have varying consequences and can either close off narrative options or open them up. It is possible to interact with all guests and form romantic ties with some of them, but there are also certain rules that you must follow in order to advance.

Console commands

House Party cheat codes are a great way to make the game more fun. You can use them to add items, increase stats, and unlock new content. They work by using a console command. In-game help will tell you how to use each one. Some of them will even unlock romances between characters.

You can find House Party cheat codes by locating the console commands. To do so, go to the game’s main menu and press “.” You’ll notice that this button is right next to the “1” key on the keyboard. Pressing “.” will display the list of available commands. Pressing “help” or “example” will give you an example of what each command will do.

House Party console commands are very simple to use. Just open the game’s console window and type “o” or “/”. You’ll see a list of commands you can use to manipulate your characters in the game. You can use these commands to enable or disable certain members of the party. You can also lock down the main bedroom and other rooms using roaming commands.

You can also use the name of the character to execute a certain command. For example, if you want Frank to stay on a specific seat for 24 hours, you can use the “frank” command. This will delete Frank’s list of places to move to, but he will return to it on occasion. Similarly, “door” will lock the door to the main bedroom. You can also use the “door” command to lock the doors in the other rooms. You can also use the “wandering false allow” command to keep characters from wandering outside the current location.

You can also use the “tdebug” command to add an amount of experience to your Leader/General. These are very useful when you’re trying to get some extra experience. They’re great for unlocking locked rooms in the game, or boosting your drunk-level. However, you should be careful when using these codes.

House party cheat codes can also give you access to exclusive characters in the game. You can change NPCs’ names and acts. You can also make them male or female. You can even give them strapons if they’re female. Depending on your preferences, the game will change how the characters behave.

There are a few ways to find the console commands for house party cheat codes. First, you need to open the console window. It will pop up a window with a special debugging tool. This command will give you access to a special console window where you can enter in the console commands. You can also use the console window’s tilde key to navigate through all of the available commands.

Intimacy codes

Intimacy codes are a great way to customize your house party. These commands allow you to choose how intimate you want the characters to be with each other. You can choose between friendship or romance, and they can be applied to anyone inside or outside of the house. These commands also work as gifts.

Force NPCs to show some life

House Party cheat codes allow you to force NPCs to show some life in their character, and you can use them on any character inside or outside the house. With the House Party command, you can also influence the level of intimacy between characters in the game. You can choose to make a character be friendly or romantic, and it works on any character. You can even force a character to undress or give them a glass of wine or other drink.