Hotboy Wes Net Worth

During his childhood in Waco, Texas, Hotboy Wes experienced a lot of pain and trouble. He was a felon by age 11, and went through juvenile detention. He had to make difficult decisions to get by. But his music helped him through. Now, he’s a successful rapper with a large fan base.

Hotboy Wes is a rising rapper who has an estimated net worth of around $100k. He signed with The New 1017 Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records. His songs include “Free Smoke (feat. Big Scarr)” and “Hotboy Wes”. He has a fan following of over 525,000 views on YouTube. In addition, he has over 113,000 followers on Instagram.

When he was younger, he was interested in hip hop music. He started to listen to rappers like Kotum Black and Lil Wayne. But he didn’t take rapping seriously until later in his life. At first, he offered to rap freestyles for customers in exchange for a dollar. He eventually made over $120 in one day. That’s when he decided to pursue a career in music. He’s currently based in his hometown of Waco, and is a father to two kids.

Although he hasn’t released a full-length album yet, he’s been generating some decent buzz with mixtapes. His latest single has garnered 1.2 Million views since its release. He’s also been promoted through a vlog series with Deebo TV, which helped him to gain local support in Waco. The “Slum Child” video shows Wes flanked by kids singing along to his record. The song’s lyrics describe his life before he became successful.

He’s currently working with rapper Gucci Mane, who has his own record label. He’s also been signed to Brick Squad Records. When he released his first album, Ice Daddy, in June, many people felt that he and Gucci Mane had a perfect fit.

Hotboii is an American rapper. His real name is Javarri Latre Walker. He’s a rising star in the United States. In only a few years, he’s earned wide recognition for his talent. His videos have received 74 million views on YouTube. In 2016, he began uploading songs to his SoundCloud channel. As of 2022, he has a net worth of around $500 thousand. His income comes from his music career, as well as record labels. He’s been endorsed by many brands on social media, such as Nike and Samsung. In fact, his music video for “Slum Child” has over 800k followers on his channel.

He’s also appeared in the movie Angel ‘n’ Devil and on shows such as High 5 Basketball and Hayate the Combat Butler. He’s also had recurring roles on shows such as CSI: Miami.

Despite his rough upbringing, Hotboy Wes is a loving father to his children and keeps God close to him. He’s proud of his hometown and wants to help it become a better place for future generations. He hasn’t revealed his parents’ names, but he has shared photos of his children on his social media.