Hipocrita Quotes

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Hipocrita is a play by French playwright Moliere. The play is based on the story of the misanthrope and is one of Moliere’s best-known works. Moliere was born into a wealthy family in France and studied at the College de Clermont. After his education, he performed as an itinerant actor for thirteen years. In this period, he began writing, blending elements of Commedia dell’arte with refined French comedy.

Molière was a celebrated playwright and actor in his time. His best known plays are Tartuffe and Hipocrita. However, his works were also criticised by the Catholic Church and moralists. One of his plays, Hipocrita, was banned, while another, Don Juan, was praised by critics. This success benefited Molière, but it had a price. He suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis and eventually died of his illness.


The Hipocrita is a famous Greek classical poet, who lived in the ninth century. He was a recognized intellectual of his time. He was a diplomat and a poet. His work is considered highly influential today. It has been translated into more than twenty languages. He was a poet, diplomat, and dramaturgo, as well as an actor.


The Greek classical poet Homero was a well-known intellectual of his time. Famous figures of the period included Napoleon Bonaparte, Molière, the playwright and actor, and Angel Ganivet. But what sets Homero apart from his contemporaries is his adherence to ethics.


Hipocrita is a Greek word that means “constitution” or “constitutional document.” The word is derived from the Greek word “hippocraticos”, which means “to stoop low.” In this case, the term “constitution” is the right word, but the meaning is not that obvious. Besides, a constitution should be short and obscure.

Napoleon Bonaparte is considered to be one of the most brilliant and successful military commanders in history. He used his military skills to gain power, and he tried to right the wrongs he and his troops had done during his reign of terror. He established a strong bureaucracy and a hierarchy of officials to manage the country.


Hypocrisy is the most difficult vice to overcome. It requires an unrelenting vigilance and rare detachment of spirit to resist. It is a full time job. A hypocrite has the power to deceive and oppress the innocent, as well as to deceive the Clergy.

A hypocrite can never be trusted and is always a danger to his reputation. The best way to avoid becoming one is to live your life with integrity. This is the only way to earn the respect of the public and build trust in your relationships.