Hinata Quotes

Hinata quotes show how she was determined to be respected by her clan despite her shy nature and lack of confidence. She learned from watching others work hard and eventually became a respected warrior. She also says that her strength came from being able to watch others fight. This quote is also a reflection of her condition at the time she said it. Hinata was about to learn how bitter Neji was about being a branch member of the Hyuuga Clan, so this quote explains her determination and resolve.

Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga was born into the Hyuuga clan, the second most powerful clan in the Village of Hidden Leaves. The Hyuugas were extremely harsh on their members, and she endured grueling training and constant bullying. Despite the abuse, Hinata persevered. She eventually realized she had some powerful abilities and was able to use them for the greater good.

Hinata Shoyo

The Japanese manga character Hinata Shoyo is a popular idol in Japan. He is known for his cheerful personality and ability to befriend even the most difficult of people. He is a talented volleyball player and has the ability to make friends with anybody, even those who are not the most friendly.


This quote by Tobio was said to Shoyo Hinata shortly after they met. It was said to make the two of them more motivated to succeed in their endeavors. They are both very eager to win and compete with each other. However, Hinata faces a great rival in the form of Tobio Kageyama. These two have an intense rivalry, and the two have many quotes in common to encourage each other.


Tobio’s quote was given to Hinata and Tooru soon after their first meeting. The quote is a wise one, as it states that you cannot achieve your goals if you think you won’t achieve them.

Tobio’s quote

In “Kageyama vs. Hinata,” Kageyama and Hinata face off over the name. Hinata has no intention of losing the match and makes an oath to play for Karasuno Junior High. Hinata is determined to beat his rival Kageyama. His quote is a powerful reminder to never give up, and it also shows that the rivalry between the two is fierce.

Tooru’s quote to Shoyo Hinata

Tooru’s quote to Shoya Hinata is an interesting one. It is said shortly after the two of them meet. The quote is meant to make a very good point. It says that the only way to make a dream come true is to believe it will happen.

Tooru’s quote to Tobio

Oikawa Tooru is a legendary setter, and the following quote was given to his middle school classmate Kageyama Tobio. The words are a reminder to never give up on your dreams, and they make a good point. However, it may not be clear exactly what Tooru meant by these words, so it’s important to have a better understanding of them to make them more meaningful to you.