Hakuho Sho Net Worth

Having a net worth of over $5 million, Hakuho Sho is one of the richest Rikishi in Mongolia. His net worth is based on various currencies, including a variety of cryptocurrencies. His estimated net worth is updated annually and monthly.

Hakuho Sho was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, on March 11, 1985. He is a professional sumo wrestler and Rikishi. He is one of the most successful sumo wrestlers in Mongolia. He is a member of the Japan Sumo Association. He became an elder after retiring from sumo. He is the fourth non-Japanese sumo wrestler in the world. He has won 13 consecutive top division championships.

Hakuho Sho is one of the most successful sumo wrestlers of all time. He has won over a thousand matches, including 1170 wins in the makuuchi division. Hakuho has been ranked at the top of the field for the past three years. In May 2004, he became the first man to reach 1000 victories in the makuuchi division. He has won 23 championships since then. In November, Hakuho became the sumo wrestler with the most wins in a calendar year for the sixth consecutive time.

Hakuho Sho is also the fourth non-Japanese yokozuna. He won the first World Wrestling Federation tournament for sumo wrestlers in 1992. He was managed by Mr. Fuji. He won the King of the Ring in 1993. He also won WWE Wrestlemania IX. In the World Wrestling Federation, he was known as the Great Kokina. In Japan, he was managed by Mr. Fuji. He had an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Hakuho Sho was invited to Japan by the Mangolian wrestler Kyokushuzan. He was fifteen years old when he flew to Japan. After two months in Japan, Hakuho was accepted by the Miyagino stable. In September, Hakuho decided to renounce his Mongolian citizenship. His mother denied that she opposed the change. However, Hakuho’s father did not. He wanted his son to pursue a career other than sumo wrestling.

Hakuho Sho has been married to Sayoko Wada. The couple was in a relationship for three years before they got married. Their marriage took place at the Meiji Shrine in Japan. Hakuho is known for keeping his personal life private. He has not been accused of cheating or having any other issues with his partner. Hakuho’s mother did not say anything against the change of nationality. Hakuho has a good fan base and has been a successful Rikishi. He is famous on social media sites, including Instagram and Twiter.

Throughout his career, Hakuho has been injured several times. He was also forced to miss tournaments in July and April because of injury. In July, he lost to Harumafuji on the last day of both tournaments. The following year, he missed the July tournament because of injury.

Hakuho Sho was an ozeki in Japan for three years before he became a yokozuna in 2007. He was promoted to yokozuna at age 22. In 2007, Hakuho became the fourth non-Japanese Yokozuna. He is expected to become the head of the Miyagino stable in 2022.