Gurbani Quotes in Punjabi

gurbani quotes in punjabi

Many people enjoy reading gurbani quotes in punjabi. With its rich culture and linguistic heritage, punjabi is perhaps the most widely spoken language on the planet. Gurbani quotes in punjabi have a special flavor. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Only One God

There is only One God. That is the core teaching of the Gurbani. It embodies the concept of oneness and transcendence. Its opening section, called the Mool Mantra, gives a brief description of God. It is written in the Punjabi language, using Gurmukhi script.

In the Gurbani, God is referred to as “paarbarahm”. It means the Supreme Lord and is the source of all beings. The One God is the creator, sustainer, and omnipresent. He is fearless, has no enemies, and exists eternally.

Only One Naam

The opening portion of the Guru Granth Sahib, called the Mool Mantra, contains a short description of God’s nature. This section is written in the Punjabi language, using the Gurmukhi script. If you want to learn more about this verse, read the original Punjabi text. To understand what the words mean, you need to understand their meaning and purpose.

The First verse asserts that marriage is the most desirable state of life for a Sikh. It also refers to the bridal couple’s first act of devotion to one another. The second verse states that the couple has realized their destiny together as one soul.

Only One World

The only way to escape the karma system and transmigration is to meditate on the name of God. This name, known as ‘Naam’, can be obtained only from a Satguru or the Panj Pyare. The Gurbani prescribes this as the only way to attain Naam. This passage, known as ‘Hukamnama,’ is a section of the Guru Granth Sahib that is often used for guidance or as an answer to questions.

These words are found throughout the Gurbani and are especially important today. These powerful verses are a reminder that we must make the most of our existence. The Sikh tradition encourages us to practice being human and Sikh. This is a call to action that every Sikh should heed.

Only One Seed

The Only One Seed Gurbani quotes in punjabi tell us that the human life is ephemeral. It is meant to break the vicious cycle of repeated suffering. The seed is meant to be planted in the soil of Dharma. In the world, this seed is called Amrit.

This poem also teaches us about the power of song. The Gurbani quotes refer to many bird species, including the bulbul, a beautiful songbird. A bulbul also has a distinctive mohawk. The songbird’s ability to imitate sound makes it a powerful symbol of love and joy.

Only One Religion

The only religion that can satisfy all of our desires is God, and we must not deviate from this. However, there are times when it is difficult to keep God’s will. Sometimes, the need to satisfy the needs of our egos may interfere with the pursuit of our spiritual knowledge.

The Sikh scriptures have said a lot about God and the universe. Gurbani has been around since 1499, and the Guru Granth Sahib has been the Guru of the Sikhs since 1708. They have written a lot about the universe, but the world has not been listening.