Grinding Cylpebs Quotes

casting grinding cylpebs quotes

Whether you are upgrading your ball mill or need new grinding cylpebs, you’ll need to select the right material. For best performance and the shortest downtime, go for a material with 10-28% Cr. This product comes in a variety of grades and features.

Allstar Grinding Media

Allstar Grinding Media is a global company which produces steel grinding balls, steel rods, and grinding cylinders. Its product line offers grinding media that is high in hardness, wear resistance, and low breakage. The company uses scientific manufacturing processes to produce high-quality media. It exports its products to over 30 countries.

The company manufactures a wide range of grinding media in different sizes, including beads, cubes, cylinders, and stainless steel. Other media varieties include high-alumina glass, zirconia, ceramic, and silicon nitride. These materials are also used in food and cosmetic industries.

Mepsa (Peru)

Mepsa is a supplier of cast steel grinding media, and its range of products consists of a small range of sizes. Other companies producing grinding media include Arcelor Mittal and Gerdau, both based in Duluth, Minnesota. Gerdau is an Australian-owned company with a 1.2 million-ton capacity. Another company is MolyCop, an Indian manufacturer with limited production capacity.

Arcelor Mittal (USA)

ArcelorMittal is a global company whose products are used in the construction industry. It has sixty production sites across the globe. Its products include a wide range of steel grades, including carbon, stainless steel and alloys. Its products include wide & heavy plate, billet, rods and bars, strand, coil, and rebar. Its products are exported to more than forty countries.


Mepsa is a manufacturer of cast steel grinding media. They produce a limited size range of grinding balls. The company also produces forged steel balls. These are manufactured in two different types of steel: low and high carbon. Low carbon grinding cylpebs are made of mild steel, while high carbon grinding cylpebs are made of stainless steel. Both types of grinding cylpebs have good wear resistance, and they can be used to increase the capacity of ball mills.