Grey’s Anatomy Characters – April Kepner

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April Kepner is an unforgettable character on the hit drama Grey’s Anatomy. The spunky, lovable character was introduced to audiences in Season 6. At first, viewers disliked her, but she soon made her way to one of the show’s most lovable roles. Ultimately, she married Matthew and began a complicated journey of faith, relationships, and motherhood. She is a great example of a female character who has stood by her values.

Kepner is a devout Christian, and had promised God she would stay a virgin until marriage. However, after she performs a trauma drill, she shows her capabilities as a trauma surgeon and develops feelings for Alex Karev, a handsome surgeon who almost makes Kepner lose her virginity. Later, when Avery attacks him, Kepner agrees to date Robert Stark, believing that he has a good side.

Despite the adversity of the situation, April continues to make the best of her life. She adores her children and is grateful to have them. Her new baby, Harriet, is the most important thing in her life, but she is bored at home. To fill her boredom, she takes Harriet to the hospital. Jackson, meanwhile, takes the little girl so April can work in the ER.

During April’s residency, she worked at Mercy West Medical Center. She impressed her new boss, Dr. Bailey, with a patient checklist. Her life at Mercy West Hospital was rocky at first, but April soon proved to be a great chief resident and an excellent trauma surgeon. However, she had trouble passing the medical board exams. Nevertheless, she remained at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital as an attending trauma surgeon, and she remained optimistic that she would pass her medical boards one day.

April is a gifted mathematician and statistics expert. Her enthusiasm for numbers can make her appear overly excited. She also has a tendency to become emotional when dealing with patients. When she becomes emotionally invested in their care, she will go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable.

April is a Christian who prays for her patients before surgeries. She has a deep relationship with God. She was a virgin until she was 28 years old. She feared that losing her virginity would affect her reputation as a surgeon. Despite her deep faith, she still managed to maintain her virginity.

April was a trauma surgeon in the Army. She returned from her first tour in the Middle East. She was desperate to mend her relationship with Jackson, who felt she had abandoned him. She told him she would fight for the relationship until the end. However, Jackson felt she was abandoning him and he missed their flight back home.

As a child, April had a best friend named Reed. She shared an apartment with him. After Reed died, Meredith defended April from her peers. The two later became friends. She also acted as a babysitter for Zola. She was even a bridesmaid in April’s wedding.