Graduation Cap Quotes in Spanish

graduation cap quotes in spanish

Graduation cap quotes in Spanish can be incredibly meaningful to graduates. They can also be unique and deeply personal. For instance, one person chose to include graduation cap quotes in Spanish for her own grad cap. This person, Juanito (@nopaleroo), went to great lengths to highlight her hometown, family, queer identity, and love of the #BrownMen.

The Spanish priest Ignatius captured the spirit of graduates well in his famous quote “The future is ours, and we are just beginning the first chapter of it.” The phrase “Your imagination is your only limitation” reminds graduates that the world is theirs to create. In short, graduation day is a time for great promise.

Whether you’re looking for a graduation cap quote in Spanish or English, this quote will make a great addition to your grad hat. Not only is it fitting for Spanish-speaking graduates, but it’s also a perfect tribute to your heritage. And if you’re a student of Spanish-speaking countries, this cap is sure to make you smile.

For example, if you are a theatre major, you can choose a graduation cap quote in Spanish that celebrates your love of the performing arts. Flying High means “Thank you, Mom and Dad.” This graduation cap quote is especially meaningful if you’re graduating from a theater school and want to pursue a career in the arts.

You can also choose to have a Mexican themed graduation cap. For Latinas, there are many Mexican-inspired grad caps. Here are 29 Latina-inspired graduation cap designs for you to choose from. So, get started and create a memorable grad cap. You will be proud to be a Latina!