Glam’r Gear Changing Station

If you’re looking for a convenient way to carry your costumes to the dance studio or a dance event, Glam’r Gear is the answer. The brand’s stylish, slick Changing Station comes with an extendable rack system and an optional curtain for privacy. The bag is lightweight and weather-resistant and is available in several ultra-glittery colours. Getting ready at the dance studio or a performance is an exciting time, and the Glam’r Gear Changing Station makes the process of getting dressed in costume a breeze.

The lining of the carry-on is bright and colorful, which makes it a soloist’s dream. Its padded interior will keep your costume safe and protected while you’re on the move. The bag can extend up to 78″ and is ideal for larger costumes. This stylish bag also comes with internal triangle support to make sure that your costume stays secure. It is a definite must-have for the solo dancer.