G&L Serial Number Lookup

If you have a G&L guitar, you may be curious about its serial number. While the serial numbers on G&L guitars do not necessarily follow a sequential order, they are often stamped somewhere on the neck, body, or pots. This is a good way to determine the approximate year the guitar was made. However, older models of the guitar may require taking it apart to determine the exact date.

Previously, the serials of G&L guitars were located on a metal plate that was placed on the headstock. Later, this was replaced with a waterslide decal or laser-etched serial number. Now, the serial number format on G&L guitars is CLFYYMMnnn, with the first letter indicating the build year. In some models, the month and year of build are also engraved on the serial number.

The serial numbers on G&L guitars can vary between manufacturers and models. In the 1980s, serial numbers were stamped on the bridge, while in the 1990s, serial numbers were stamped on the neck plate. Some models of G&L guitars were marked with a water slide serial number to avoid overstocking.

Leo Fender’s involvement with G&L guitars ended in 1991. The brand’s ownership passed to John C. McLaren, who also owns BBE Sound. Today, the company continues to be run by McLaren. The G&L brand is not a huge brand, but it has a reputation for quality and craftsmanship.