G&L Placentia Series ASAT Bluesboy

If you’re new to playing guitar, you might want to consider the G&L Placentia series ASAT Bluesboy electric guitar. Its poplar body and chrome humbucker at the neck make it a great choice for beginners. The Placentia series is named after the G&L Guitars factory on Fender Avenue. It offers the classic designs and parts that have made G&L famous for their products.

The Bluesboy’s build quality is solid and its finish is even and smooth. There are a few minor imperfections, including uneven application around the f-hole, but these do not affect playability. The ASAT controls are sturdy and responsive, and the pickup selector has reassuring clicks. The knobs are also sturdy and secure.

The G&L Tribute ASAT Bluesboy Semi-hollow features a chrome-covered Cort neck humbucker with alnico magnets. The magnetic field design bridge pickup uses a thick bar magnet with individually adjustable pole pieces to produce huge amounts of energy. Combined with the classic telecaster’s single-cutaway design, this G&L guitar promises ’50s-style tones with modern precision.

The G&L Tribute ASAT Bluesboy Semi-hollow guitar is a factory-modified version of Leo Fender’s classic single-cutaway bolt-on axe. Its sassafras body and twin-chamber design are a nice touch. A beautiful 9.5-inch-radius fingerboard and single-coil G&L Magnetic Field Design ™ bridge pickup make this a versatile guitar that’s perfect for playing jazz and blues.

The G&L Placentia Series is a great way to pay homage to a legendary guitar maker. This guitar features a unique blend of classic Fender design with innovative features. Its resonant tone is sure to inspire your own style.

The G&L name was derived from the two men behind Fender. After leaving the company in 1965, Leo Fender needed a new means of building guitars. He built the G&L ASAT guitar after he decided to retire from Music Man. The guitar is dripping with Leo mojo, while the pickups are made in the USA.