Gilbert Bigio Net Worth – How Much Is Gilbert Bigio Worth?

Founder of the GB Group, a diversified group of companies, Gilbert Bigio has earned his fortune through his business successes. He is the wealthiest person in Haiti, and the founder of one of the largest businesses in the country. The GB Group provides construction supplies in Haiti, fuel, and household necessities. The company has offices in Aventura, Florida and owns a private container terminal in Port Lafito. GB Group is the largest Haitian partner of Digicel, the wireless communications giant based in Ireland.

The Bigio family has had a long history in Haiti. It traces back to the late 1800s when Syrian Jews arrived in the Caribbean. The family grew wealthy through cotton gin, trading companies, and a steel mill in the 1970s. They also branched out into telecommunications and energy in both the Dominican Republic and the United States.

The Bigio family’s fortune has skyrocketed since the 2004 ouster of President Aristide. Their finances have nearly doubled. They have opened a private port terminal in Haiti and have expanded their telecommunications business into the Dominican Republic. A family member served as Israel’s honorary consul in Haiti during the 2010 earthquake.

The Bigio family is de facto the leader of the Jewish community in Haiti. The family owns the only Torah in the entire country, and regularly holds Jewish services in their home. They are celebrated in Jewish publications for maintaining the island’s pristine traditions. Their wealth is largely in the form of trade, but their investments in technology and telecommunications have made them billionaires.

The Bigios are not affiliated with any political party. They have a close relationship with Israel, and maintain ties to the Jewish state. They have even provided land to the Israeli government for use in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake. However, they have never been charged with a crime. They are, however, targeted by radical Haitian websites for being part of the light-skinned ruling class.

The GB Group’s website boasts of their most notable accomplishments. They built a private container terminal in Port Lafito. Their other biggest accomplishments include providing fuel to the citizens of Haiti and establishing a free trade zone in Port-au-Prince. The family has also been in the limelight when Canada placed new sanctions on the Haitian elites.

The GB Group is a diversified group of companies with headquarters in Miami and Aventura, Florida. The company provides construction and telecommunications services in Haiti. They own sixteen of the largest companies in the country. They have provided the country with a private free trade zone in Port-au-Prince and have opened a private port in Haiti. They have also expanded into telecommunications and energy on the Dominican side of Hispaniola.

The GB Group is led by Chairman Reuven Bigio and Executive Vice President Clement Beyda. The Group’s portfolio of construction services includes the construction of a private free trade zone in Port-au-Prince. In addition, they provide fuel, construction and telecommunications services in Haiti, and they have branched into the Dominican side of Hispaniola.