Giga Pet Vs Tamagotchi

If you were a kid in the 90’s, chances are you owned a Tamagotchi at some point. These small, egg shaped digital pets kicked off the whole virtual pet craze of the time. Kids kept these little babies with them all day and took care of them like they would a real dog or cat. They needed to be fed, played with, went to the bathroom, and sometimes even got sick. If you neglected your Tamagotchi, it died. But, if you were a good parent, your pet would eventually grow up into an adult and then you could start all over again.

When the Tamagotchi fad died, many other toys popped up to take its place. These new toys featured animals, dragons, aliens, and even babies for kids to digitally raise. These toys became more and more advanced as time went by, making them more exciting for kids to play with. Some of the most popular included the Giga Pet toy line.

The Giga Pet toy line was created by Chicago toy inventing firm REHCO LLC and was licensed to Tiger Electronics. The Giga Pets were similar to the Tamagotchis but with some key differences. The main difference is that the Giga Pets were shaped differently based on which animal they contained. They also had more colors to choose from and each Giga Pet had its own distinct mold to help it stand out in the marketplace.

Giga Pets had some other minor differences as well. They had more buttons on the front to allow kids to navigate through the game menu and they came with a reset button that they could use to clear the game and start over when their pet died. Giga Pets also didn’t have to wait as long for their eggs to hatch compared to the Tamagotchis, which made them much more convenient for kids to use.

Another difference between Giga Pets and the Tamagotchi was that while both had some basic game mechanics, the Tamagotchi had more complex gameplay. The Tamagotchi was designed to let kids create their own family and even spawn offspring, but this was something that had to be worked for, unlike with Giga Pets where it was just an option.

Both Giga Pets and the Tamagotchi needed to be fed, cleaned, and trained, but unlike the Tamagotchi, your pet wouldn’t live forever. If you neglected your pet it could die from sickness, old age, or even just running out of batteries. But, if you treated your pet well, it could become an adult that you could continue to enjoy and even spawn offspring with.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Giga Pet, you can find them online or at some local toy stores. They’re a great way to get your child ready for the responsibility of caring for a real pet down the road. But, if you’re not interested in spending a lot of money on this type of toy, there are plenty of lower maintenance options that can still be fun and educational for kids.