G&H NOURISH Body Lotion

G&H Body Lotion is a multifunctional body lotion that nourishes, hydrates and makes skin glow with health. It contains Allantion that makes skin softer and smoother. This body lotion also has Allantion enriched ingredients to keep your skin looking and feeling youthful.

The rich, creamy formula helps to alleviate dry skin and provides 24 hour moisturization. It also helps rebuild the skin’s moisture barrier, which protects it from environmental damage. The cream is biodegradable and contains no animal ingredients. The lotion has been dermatologist-tested to ensure that it’s safe and effective.

G&H NOURISH+ Body Lotion is suitable for the whole family, ranging from babies to the elderly. The formula is gentle on the skin and contains natural minerals to keep skin’s moisture level in check. The fragrance-free formula leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without a greasy residue. It is also made with 100% recyclable ingredients.

The G&H NOURISH+ Complexion Bar contains orange blossom honey and pumpkin seed oil, which moisturize the skin and protect it against damage caused by environmental factors. The bar can be used to cleanse the skin or create a lather. It is suitable for sensitive skin types. G&H NOURISH+ Complexion Bar contains orange blossom honey, shea butter and pumpkin seed oil.

G&H NOURISH+ Body Lotion is an exceptional choice for dry skin because it delivers long-lasting moisture. It also strengthens the protective skin barrier and soothes stressed and dry skin. It is suitable for the whole family – though it’s not recommended for infants. It also contains a unique blend of botanicals, which make the lotion more effective.