Georgia Hardstark Net Worth 2022

Exactly Right podcast network and My Favorite Murder with Georgia are some of the successful projects which are being run by Georgia Hardstark. She also works as a television presenter. She has also worked with other famous comedians and writers to form various programs. In addition, she also takes part in various charitable activities. This makes it evident that she is earning quite a good sum from these ventures.

Before becoming a television host, Georgia Hardstark had worked as a receptionist. She used her spare time to run a food blog. She developed an eating disorder at the age of 13. It was at that time when she started using meth on a regular basis. She started to get attention after her video of her making McNuggets with chicken inside went viral. This was then picked up by a popular website and received extensive media coverage.

Her collaboration with Alie Ward was a big hit. They both landed on the Cooking Channel and created various shows. They are also known for their podcasts, including Slumber Party with Alie and Georgia. They have also filmed various videos for YouTube. They have gained popularity with their viral videos on cocktails and other topics.

As of August 8, 2017, the My Favorite Murder podcast has ranked #3 on the iTunes comedy charts. Karen and Georgia have also collaborated on their joint memoir, Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered, which is set to be released on May 28, 2019. They are estimated to have a net worth of $20 million by the end of 2022.

Georgia and Vince Averill married in March 2016. They were not married in a traditional wedding ceremony. The couple met at a Halloween party. Initially, they dated for a few years before getting married. They have three cats together. They are currently living in California.

Before launching her television show and podcast, Georgia Hardstark had been a full-time receptionist at a company. Her parents are Martin and Janet Hardstark. She has a sister named Leah. She is of white ethnicity. She is a native of Orange County, California. She was born on June 8, 1980.

Despite having a busy lifestyle, Georgia Hardstark manages to keep her personal life private. She also prefers to lead a modest life. She does not disclose her net worth. However, it is said that she has earned a salary of five million dollars. Her other sources of income include her podcast, radio programs, YouTube, concerts and award shows. She has a car. She is a well-educated person. She is currently working on a number of other projects as well. She is also co-hosting a true crime – comedy podcast.

She and her sister Leah grew up in Los Angeles, California. They had white parents. In fact, they are from a family of four. They are the second and third generation of the Hardstark family. They are both very talented people. They are reputed to be one of the most rich and popular television presenters in the United States.