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Among the many gay men, Brandon Straka is considered to be one of the most popular and famous. He is an actor, a hairdresser, and a campaigner for the #WalkAway campaign. He has been in prison for a period of time, but he has managed to stay in the spotlight and has become a very successful actor.

Openly gay white man

Several months after the January 6 Capitol riots, aspiring actor Brandon Straka was arrested and charged with participating in the event. The charges included obstruction of a law enforcement officer during a civil disturbance, disorderly conduct near a restricted building, and remaining on restricted grounds without lawful authority.

Straka was released on several conditions pending a court appearance. He also has to pay $500 restitution for Capitol grounds damage. He also has to remain on probation for three years.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C., could not confirm whether Straka was being held in Nebraska. However, the case docket did not show that Straka had a lawyer.

The FBI investigated the Capitol riots and linked Straka to the event. Straka told investigators that he was watching a man who was participating in the riots. He observed the man encourage other people to take the shield of a law enforcement officer. Straka told the investigators that he had no idea that the dangers involved could occur until he saw the footage.

According to the FBI, Straka also ratted out his insurrectionist friends, including Cindy Chafian, Ky Kremer, and Ali Alexander. He also provided investigators with information on Amy Kremer, who he said is the former assistant director of the CIA.

Despite all of these charges, Brandon Straka was found not guilty of conspiracy, obstruction of justice, or incitement to commit a crime. He was found guilty of disorderly conduct and a misdemeanor for engaging in disorderly conduct near a restricted building. He also was fined $5,000. However, he was found not guilty of knowingly entering a restricted building.


During the 2016 presidential election, Brandon Straka voted for Hilary Clinton. He has been involved in many projects, including “The Good Wife” and “The Hunger Games.” His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

He has been arrested for disorderly behavior in a congressional hearing and charged with entering a restricted area. He has also been described as a “traitor” for his association with the FBI. He has been placed under house arrest for three months. He has also been charged with participating in an assault on the United States Capitol in January of 2021.

He has been involved in the internet industry for quite some time. He has a Twitter account with more than 650,000 followers. He also has a Facebook page. He has also been involved in the Twitter Stars contest, earning millions from his star rating.

He has also been involved in the Walk Away campaign. The campaign is a social media campaign aimed at urging people to leave the Democratic party. It features a series of testimonials from people who left the party. The campaign has garnered quite a bit of attention, particularly from the president. It is a heart-wrenching campaign.

Brandon Straka has been involved in several projects, including a series of “The Good Wife” episodes. He has also appeared in several other projects. He has also been active in the “Walk Away” campaign, which aims to unite the country by encouraging people to leave the Democratic party. He has been recognized by President Trump for his leadership skills. He has also been a prominent figure in the #WalkAway campaign, which has been lauded as the sexiest – if not the most impressive – Twitter trend.


Until last week, Brandon Straka was a struggling performance artist and hairdresser from New York. A video of Straka participating in last year’s storming of the United States Capitol was released, causing the former liberal to become an Internet celebrity.

Straka’s video has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube and has earned the support of prominent right-wing media figures. The video has also been widely shared on social media, with hundreds of people writing their own versions of the narrative. The video has earned a shout-out from Trump superfan Bill Mitchell and Candace Owens.

In the video, Straka encourages rioters to storm the Capitol and take the shield of a police officer. He then tells them to “hold the line.” Straka had been asked to leave the Red Hen Lexington restaurant and a flight was canceled due to his wearing a face mask. A passenger who live-tweeted the incident said that Straka refused to wear a mask.

Straka was charged with disorderly conduct and impeding law enforcement. He was also charged with $500 in damages for the Capitol building. He was sentenced to three months of home detention wearing a GPS tracking device.

Straka was also asked to provide copies of social media accounts, photos and videos. He also had to provide an apology to a police officer who was shielded from the violence.

Straka pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in October last year. In his plea, he admitted that he encouraged a pro-Trump mob to storm the Capitol.

In the plea deal, Straka also denied being an informant in his social media posts. The federal prosecutors also wanted four months of home confinement for Straka. He also had to pay a fine of $5,000.

Founder of the #WalkAway campaign

Founded by Brandon Straka, the #WalkAway campaign is a grassroots social movement encouraging Democratic voters to leave the party. The group invites people to share their own stories of why they’re leaving the party. This has become a very popular social media trend, as thousands of Democrats have done it.

The movement is designed to encourage leftists to abandon the Democratic Party’s mandates. The organization aims to reshape the American political landscape. Its message is to stand up for working class America. Those who support the group say that the Democratic party has become too narrow and narrow-minded.

Straka is a self-described “former liberal” on a mission to “red pill humanity.” He says he’s against modern Democratic party bullying and narrow-minded economic illogic. He rejects the party’s anti-Trump derangement and distorted economic arguments.

Straka was arrested in Nebraska on Monday, and charged with disorderly conduct with intent to disturb a congressional hearing. He was released from prison pending a trial. Straka is now confined to his home. He is on federal probation for three years. His plea agreement includes cooperating with an ongoing investigation, as well as giving law enforcement access to his social media accounts. He has also been placed on a federal terror watchlist.

Straka’s arrest came after an FBI tip identifying him. The agency received a string of tips about Straka’s involvement in an insurrection, and he was allegedly identified through social media accounts.

A video of the incident went viral, earning Sarah Palin’s followers. It was then removed, but a relative of Straka’s provided the FBI with a copy of the video.

The video earned Straka a $10,000 donation from Alex Jones of Infowars. The video was viewed millions of times. It also earned Straka a spot on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle,” where he was invited to talk about the incident. He said that he had been “shaken” by the incident. He later claimed he would speak at more rallies.

Prison sentence

Founder of the #WalkAway campaign, Brandon Straka, was arrested after rioting broke out on the Capitol grounds in Washington, D.C. on January 6. He was charged with disorderly conduct and impeding law enforcement. He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years of probation, community service, and a fine. He will also pay $500 in restitution.

After the riot, Straka was taken into custody by federal agents. He had been filming the riot on his phone. He was a few yards from a door where people were fighting with police. At one point, he yelled “go, go, go,” while police were attempting to stop the crowd. Straka said he believed that the crowd would be able to make its way into the Capitol building. He was also recorded encouraging others to take a police shield.

According to prosecutors, Straka was an influential social media personality who had been using a “significant public profile” to promote his activities. The government was concerned that his social media posts and contacts could endanger law enforcement sources. It also wanted him to provide copies of his social media accounts.

Straka also agreed to cooperate with the Justice Department investigation, according to the filing. He participated in at least three interviews. Straka also gave the FBI information on Dr. Simone Gold. Straka also provided passwords for seized devices. The details of what he told the federal agents remain sealed.

Straka will serve three months of home detention and be monitored by an electronic monitoring device. He will also pay $500 in restitution and a fine. He will also have to undergo drug testing.

According to the sentencing memo, Straka’s attorney wrote that prosecutors were “attacking” Straka’s First Amendment rights. He also said Straka was a target of overzealous prosecutors.