Garrett McNamara Net Worth

GARRETT MCNAMARA is an American surfer and water explorer who is a world record holder. He is also known for his adventures in big wave surfing. He has earned most of his wealth through surfing. He has an estimated net worth of $760K USD. He has been married to Nicole McNamara in November 2012. They have two children.

During his childhood, McNamara lived in Berkeley, California and later on, his mother moved him to Hawaii. He grew up with his younger brother Liam McNamara. His mother was a victim of domestic abuse. Her abuser was a peasant farmer in Guatemala. The farmer wanted to adopt McNamara. In 1978, McNamara’s mother returned to Hawaii and lived with her new lover.

Garrett McNamara met Konnie Pascual in 1992. They had three children together. They gave birth to daughter Ariana Kaimana in 1995 and son Titus Waimea in 1997. After their marriage, they separated in the late 2000s. Konnie Pascual moved to Oahu, where she is currently living. She has worked as an event planner and seamstress. She has also worked as an environmental science teacher. She is close to her children.

Although Konnie Pascual McNamara is Polynesian, she is an American national. She completed her high school diploma in Hawaii. She is currently working as an event planner at Sunset Ranch, a popular wedding venue in Hawaii. She has no regrets about putting her life on hold to take care of her children.

In 2012, McNamara won the Biggest Wave title at the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards. He has also competed in the World Stand Up Paddle Surfing Championships. He is also the author of the book Hound of the Sea. He has been sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. He has appeared on the cover of surf magazines.

Garrett McNamara was born on August 10, 1967 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. His birth father was a local businessman. His mother was a victim of domestic abuse and was sent to Central America to live with strangers. Her new lover returned to the United States. The two boys lived in cults in the Midwest. Eventually, they were begging for food in California.

McNamara has an estimated net worth of $760K. He has not disclosed his real estate assets. He makes most of his money from surfing and exploring. He has also broken two surfing records. He has more than 5k followers on Twitter. He has no known marriage status. He has no previous commitments. He is active on Twitter as gmachawaii. He has 165k followers on Instagram.

MCNAMARA was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and grew up in Berkeley, California. In his childhood, he had a difficult life. He was raised in communes in the Midwest and he also experienced domestic abuse. In 1978, his mother left him and his brother in Hawaii. They lived with his birth father’s new domestic partner. He had an abusive relationship with his father. The two men separated and eventually divorced. The divorced parents were not able to take care of their children. Their children had to live with Konnie Pascual and Garrett McNamara. They were eventually awarded primary custody of their children.