GarmaGuard Net Worth – How Much is GarmaGuard Worth?

During the premiere episode of Season 12 of Shark Tank, GarmaGuard founders Bianca and Pete Badaway appeared on the show, looking for an investment of at least $100,000 for a 10 percent stake in their company. Bianca and Pete are nurses, husband and wife, and first responders. They created the GarmaGuard brand, a natural fabric and garment cleanser.

During their appearance, Pete and Bianca explained their business model. They wanted to eliminate the risk of exposure to germs and odors, and were hoping to get investment from the Sharks. They entered the show wearing white sanitation coats and goggles, and asked for a hundred thousand dollars in exchange for ten percent equity in their company.

They wanted a germ-killing spray, a disinfectant to keep clothes fresh longer, and a product that would get rid of odor. They started researching a variety of products, and GarmaGuard was created. GarmaGuard is made of organic, non-GMO materials, and claims to remove odors from anything and everything. The product is available individually, in packs of up to twelve units, and in retail stores.

The business model was successful. As a result, GarmaGuard was able to create a customer base, which continues to grow. They advertise their product with sports figures, including UFC fighters, and run a number of advertising campaigns on social media, including Instagram. They also sell the product on Walmart’s website. Currently, GarmaGuard is generating between $500,000 and $800,000. GarmaGuard has a conversion rate of six percent, and has earned a lifetime sales total of $47600.

GarmaGuard continues to grow in popularity online and in physical retail stores, with more than 14,000 customers. They post updates on their sales, and their customer endorsements. They also run many advertising campaigns centered on sports, and advertise with the Minnesota Vikings and Sanford Mixed Martial Arts. They have even worked with UFC fighter Ange Loosa, a 28-year-old professional mixed martial arts fighter.

GarmaGuard is a clean-and-green business, and their products are designed to eliminate germs, odors, and viruses. They also sell environmentally friendly products, and they are available in retail stores, including Walmart. They also advertise on Facebook with the Minnesota Vikings football team, Sanford Mixed Martial Arts, and the UFC. The company is on track to generate over five hundred thousand dollars per year by 2020.

GarmaGuard is the first organic, non-GMO fabric and garment cleanser. GarmaGuard is available on Amazon and Walmart. The company’s founders are still enthusiastic about their product, and they plan to continue to expand their business. They also plan to make their product safer by eliminating toxic chemicals, which can trigger carcinogens and allergens.

GarmaGuard is still growing, and they plan to continue to develop the best GMO-free products. They are also working with the Minnesota Vikings football team to help them maintain a clean environment. The company is also in partnership with Sanford Mixed Martial Arts, and they have collaborated with a number of UFC fighters. GarmaGuard’s net worth has grown significantly, but they have not yet received any investment from the Sharks.