Garand Thumb Net Worth – How Much Is This YouTuber Worth?

Amongst the myriad of American YouTubers, Garand Thumb stands out from the crowd. He has over 3 million subscribers and is arguably one of the best known for producing videos about gun culture, firearms and other military-related stuff. He has also received a Distinguished Rifleman classification from the National Rifle Association (NRA), which is a pretty big deal in the world of competitive marksmanship.

He is an avid shooter, who is also an accomplished blogger. He writes about a wide range of subjects – from guns to comedy to gear. He has a Facebook page with more than 206k followers and a Twitter account with more than 1.7k followers. His Instagram account has more than 469k followers. He is also a proud member of the NRA and has been featured in several of the organization’s publications. He has also received the NRA’s coveted high master classification for the XTC service rifle.

Garand Thumb is also one of the most popular influencers in the U.S. His Youtube channel has more than a million subscribers and gets 15 million views a month. His real name is Mike Jones, but he’s often referred to by his online alias, “Garand Thumb.” He is also an Air Force veteran. Interestingly, he is married to another Youtuber, Ashley Jones. He is also a big fan of the Jurassic World: Exodus film, a fan favorite.

There are several sources of income for Garand Thumb, including advertising, product sales, affiliate marketing and sponsorships. His ad-based revenue is estimated to be $60,000 – $70,000 per month. He also has a number of revenue-generating side projects, such as a website and an ebook. The true-to-life earnings are based on ad revenues, assuming that he maintains an active and engaged audience. If he were to remove his ad-based income, he’d be left with a modest $1.5 million per year. His other sources of income include a small salary from his work as an NRA high master and a stipend from his wife. He’s likely to earn a few extra bucks from his other projects, which could put him over the top in his field.

The garand is not exactly the smallest dollar sign in the universe, but it’s the largest based on the average revenue per visitor and view counts. If he were to remove his monetized YouTube content, he’d be left with fewer than a hundred thousand dollars a month, which isn’t a huge number for an individual with the kind of following that he has. The other notable tidbits are that he has no children and his mother’s name is not known. Despite the fact that he is an armed forces vet, he has no children.

The best part about it all is that Garand Thumb actually knows what he’s doing. He manages to make a good living from it.