G-Star Raw Bomber Jacket

A G-Star RAW bomber jacket is an essential wardrobe piece. It’s made from chambray and features a classic baseball collar. It’s also fitted with a zip closure in front. And because this style is so versatile, it can be worn indoors as well as out.

The jacket is made with organic cotton that has been certified as “green” by the Better Cotton Initiative. This means it was grown using less water and pesticides. This helps the environment and preserve biodiversity. This jacket also has several pockets that are easy to access. Despite being used a few times, the jacket still looks great.

Unlike most bombers, GSRR offers multiple pockets and compartments in the chest, waist, upper sleeve, and lower sleeve. It also has a combination of printed and embroidered graphics on the chest. Moreover, it has an inner pocket and ribbed finishings. Moreover, the fabric used to make the jacket is called Nara Twill, and is made of compact woven fine yarns.