G-Star Midge Saddle Straight Jeans

The G-Star Midge Mid Straight is a pair of jeans with a new RAW fit that offers a high rise and straight leg. The waist is high and the legs are straight, with a slightly flared hem. These jeans are perfect for any occasion and come in a variety of colors.

The Midge Saddle Mid Waist Straight Jeans fit perfectly through the thighs and hips. They feature a long rear cinch, a cross-hatch effect, heavy stitch-work, and the perfect amount of stretch. Deep fades finish off the look.

These jeans can be worn for any occasion, whether formal or informal. They are cut with a low bund and attractive cuts that visually lengthen the bein. The fabric is made from lassige denim-optik, which makes it easier to wash. These jeans also have buttons for a comfortable, easy-going style.