Freddie Dredd Net Worth

Freddie Dredd is a rapper, singer, producer and social media influencer from Canada. He is best known for his songs and music videos. He is the host of the popular Freddie Dredd Show on C21. He is also a member of the Doomshop/Sixtet collective. He has released 37 singles and six albums to date. He is known for his gritty, aggressive vocal style and sly, over-the-top lyrics. He has worked with a number of artists including RAMIREZ, Baker and Slim Guerilla. He has gained popularity by releasing music on social media platforms such as SoundCloud. He has earned his net worth from his various business ventures.

Freddie Dredd was born on September 19, 1997 in Durham, Ontario, Canada. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 62 pounds. He has been a fan of music since a young age. In his early years, he was known as Fearless Freddie. He attended a local high school and was fond of music. He was introduced to rap music when he began uploading his own songs on social media. He soon developed a buzz on the internet when his track “Cha Cha” became a hit on TikTok. He has been trending on the platform ever since. He has over three million views on TikTok.

He has been in a relationship with fashion model Elise Laurenne. Dredd is a self-proclaimed daredevil of the hills. He enjoys traveling and eating Japanese food. He is also known for his sly lyrics and intense dark imagery. He has a unique sound that blends vintage samples from different genres. He has been experimenting with his sound for many years.

He has an estimated net worth of $1 Million – $5 Million. He has earned his net worth through his music and other business ventures. He has released more than four dozen songs and has been featured in more than three hundred and forty videos on TikTok. His most popular song is “Cha Cha” which has over 4.2 million views on YouTube. He has also teamed up with DJ Smokey and uploaded a collaborative collab tape to the app.

Freddie Dredd has also been in several relationships in the past. He was in a relationship with popular fashion model Elise Laurenne. He was also in a relationship with rapper, actor and producer Danny Trejo. He is currently in a relationship with model Elise Laurenne. He has also been dating singer/songwriter Elsa Cotta. He has not updated his marital status on his official website or on his social media pages.

Freddie Dredd has a net worth of about five million dollars. He has a salary from his music and other business ventures. He is considered to be the most successful Rapper in Canada. He has an estimated net worth of more than 1.2 million USD in 2021. He has released multiple hits to date, including “Cha Cha”, “Evil Fantasy”, and “GTG”. He has been on several shows, including The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.