Fotis Dulos Net Worth

Known as the husband of Jennifer Dulos, Fotis Dulos is a former real estate developer in Farmington, Connecticut. He had five children with Jennifer Dulos, and the two were married in 2004.

Fotis Dulos was born in Turkey on August 6, 1967. He graduated from Brown University and then went on to Columbia Business School for his MBA. He was also a partner at a home improvement firm, Petros Dulos & Co. He was involved in several corporations, including Fore Group Inc. He was also the organizer of some corporations. He was recognized as a Builder of the Year in 2015.

In May 2018, Gloria Farber, a banker, sued Fotis Dulos for unpaid business loans. In June, she won a $1.9 million judgment against him. The court found that he had not repaid the loans. However, he claims that the loans were gifts from his mother-in-law. Fotis also says that he has not abused his children.

After the divorce, Fotis met his girlfriend Michelle Troconis. He had an affair with her. Both of them were living together in Farmington, Connecticut. However, Troconis was arrested for evidence tampering. However, Fotis was still arrested for kidnapping Jennifer Dulos. The case against Fotis Dulos was dropped in March 2020.

The case against Fotis Dulos was controversial. After he was arrested, people wanted to know what happened to Fotis. The case also sparked a conversation about domestic violence. In fact, the Lifetime network made the case into a movie. The film, Gone Mom: The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, premiered on Lifetime on June 5, 2021.

Fotis and Jennifer had been in a contentious divorce, which had been going on for several years. Jennifer was afraid that Fotis would hurt her and her children. Eventually, she filed for divorce. The two were involved in child custody proceedings, and she feared that her husband might kidnap her children.

Fotis and Jennifer had two sets of gems. Fotis was a renowned real estate developer, and Jennifer was a writer. However, they had a tumultuous marriage, and they were in the middle of child custody proceedings. They also had a blog of their own.

Fotis Dulos and Jennifer were together for about ten years. They were married in 2004 in Manhattan. The couple had five children together, and had a home in Farmington, Connecticut. They had a 10,000 square foot mansion, with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. It is located on a private road.

Fotis and Jennifer’s divorce was messy, and there was a lot of controversy over the case. The couple’s children were afraid of their father, and Jennifer filed for divorce in June 2017. However, the divorce was contested. The judge said that he would review the defense arguments and see what happened.

In the end, Fotis Dulos was found not guilty of kidnapping and murder, but he was charged with capital murder. However, he was not released from prison. In 2022, Fotis Dulos’ girlfriend will be back in court.