Forrest Galante Net Worth

Having a successful career as a wildlife biologist, Forest Galante is not only known for being a talented musician, but also a great friend. He has even become an avid supporter of the Bahamian government and has even donated money to help the country’s poor. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $20 million.

Born in Zimbabwe

Throughout his childhood, Forrest Galante was surrounded by wildlife. His mother, a safari guide, took him and his sister on trips into the African bush. He learned about the various animals and how to catch snakes.

When he was 13, Forrest and his parents moved from Zimbabwe to Northern California. At the time, Blacks were largely dispossessed. They had a few hundred dollars. This was a stark contrast to the way things were in Zimbabwe. They lived a very unpredictable life.

After a political uprising in Zimbabwe, Galante’s family had to flee. They left with suitcases in the middle of the night. When they arrived in California, they moved to the Cayucos area.

The Galante family then moved to Santa Barbara. At the University of California at Santa Barbara, Galante studied biology.

After graduating from college, Forrest Galante became a wildlife biologist. He also hosts a variety of television shows and programs on Animal Planet. He is also an active conservationist. His work includes surveying the environment, conducting surveys, and conducting field expeditions. He is also passionate about working with children. His mission is communicated through social media.

During his youth, Galante learned about the importance of conservation. He became involved with the Junior Herpetology Society. He also enjoyed hiking the mountains of Big Sur and diving off the coast of Cambria. His family also raised livestock and grew flowers and fruit.

Galante also made his first TV appearance in 2013. He appeared on the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid. He was one of the contestants. This show was a 21-day survival challenge.

Galante also participated in the Discovery Channel’s The Joe Rogan Experience. He also filmed a movie with a photographer called Dancing with Dragons.

Lives in the Bahamas

Known for his work in natural history and ecology, Forrest Galante has spent his life traveling the world in search of animals on the brink of extinction. Galante is also known as the host of the Animal Planet show Extinct or Alive. Despite being a TV personality, Galante also has an active social media presence. He is a well-known face in the underwater community and has been seen wrangling snakes, swimming with crocodiles, and working with sharks.

Galante graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2009 with a degree in biology. He has been known to spend his free time fishing and catching snakes. He also loves playing rugby. In fact, Galante holds six pole spear world records. In addition to his wildlife work, Galante also teaches kids about animals and invertebrates.

Galante grew up on a farm in Zimbabwe and spent a lot of time on safari. He also worked with the Junior Herpetology Society. Eventually, Galante decided to pursue a career in wildlife biology. He also started free diving and spearfishing. Eventually, he got certified as a SCUBA diver and 100-ton ship captain.

In 2001, Galante’s life was turned upside down by political turmoil in Zimbabwe. He left Zimbabwe for California, but returned after the uprising. In a quest to continue his work, Galante travelled to 28 different countries in just 14 months.

In February of 2019, Galante found a Fernandina Island Galapagos tortoise that had been considered extinct since 1906. This is not the first time that Galante has found an animal on the brink of extinction. In fact, he has found eight species in the past. These animals include the coelacanth, which was thought to be extinct 60 million years ago.

Career as a wildlife biologist

Currently, Galante is best known as the host of Animal Planet’s series Extinct or Alive. The show follows Galante as he travels the world to look for animals that have gone extinct. During his trips, he captures video and photos of animals that have been listed as extinct for years. In addition, he shares ideas about how to protect endangered animals.

Galante’s mission is to inspire people to care about wildlife. He also explores the connections between wildlife mistreatment and illegally marketed animals. He has also filmed a series about mistreatment of animals, called Wet Markets Exposed.

During his time as a wildlife biologist, Galante has encountered a number of dangerous animals. He has also dealt with run-ins with government officials, drug cartels, witch doctors, and more. He has even survived a cyclone.

His favorite pastimes were catching snakes and fishing. He also studied stick insects. He had an obsession with salamanders, which he would jump chest-deep into a pond to see.

After his college graduation, Galante moved to Harare, Zimbabwe, where he worked as a safari guide. He studied herpetology and marine biology. He also headed up the Junior Herpetology Society. He was interested in all types of wildlife.

He eventually became an avid salamander hunter. He also pursued high-risk wildlife biology fieldwork. He has worked on rare wildlife, including a Rio Apaporis caiman, which had been considered extinct since 1906. He also relocated a female Fernandina Island Galapagos tortoise, which hadn’t been seen in more than a hundred years.

During his tenure as a wildlife biologist, Galante was afflicted with a coronavirus pandemic. He was hospitalized multiple times. He has also participated in a 21-day survival challenge.

Family life

Known as a wildlife buff, Galante is a multi-tasker who has a knack for identifying the trifecta of the animal world. As a kid, he lived on a 200-acre family farm in Zimbabwe. His fascination with exotic animals and arachnids led him to make his first television appearance on Discovery’s Naked and Afraid. During his 21-day survival challenge in Panama, he encountered the world’s largest crocodiles. He also wore a suit that looked like a crocodile’s skin.

As a seasoned professional, Galante is a self-proclaimed conservationist. He has traveled to 28 countries in 14 months to research, test, and promote a variety of wildlife conservation initiatives. Among his many accolades, he has been dubbed the best scuba diver in the world. He has also been hailed as a “fearless” conservationist, a label that he wears with distinction. Currently, he is the vice president of conservation for the Thornberry Foundation. He is the author of a number of books about nature and wildlife conservation. He has also been credited with a number of scientific discoveries.

In addition to his conservation efforts, he has made a number of notable television appearances. He has hosted the aforementioned Animal Planet series, Extinct or Alive, and produced the History Channel’s Face the Beast. In fact, he is so devoted to conservation that he has even set up a nonprofit to protect endangered species. He has also been credited with identifying the world’s largest crocodile.

In addition to his many media appearances, he has been the subject of several books and magazine articles, including his own best-selling tome, A Field Guide to Animals of the World. His net worth is estimated to be in the vicinity of $1.5 million.

Social media accounts

Throughout his career, Forrest Galante has traveled all over the world to locate extinct animals. As a result, he has uncovered evidence of eight species that were previously believed to be extinct.

A leading conservationist, Galante is known for his passion for animals and their rights. Through his show “Extinct or Alive,” Galante explores issues surrounding wildlife mistreatment and misinformation. He also investigates the illegal trade and consumption of animals.

Galante has been called the Charles Darwin of the 21st century. His shows include “Extinct or Alive,” “Wet Markets Exposed,” and “Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante.” He travels to remote parts of the world to seek out endangered species. He also aims to rewrite the natural history of species.

Galante’s childhood was spent on a productive farm, where his mother ran a safari business. Her children would go on safaris and explore the African bush. He graduated with a degree in biology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

As a child, Galante spent time on a farm in Harare, Zimbabwe. His family left after the country experienced civil unrest. They moved to Cayucos, California. His family left with suitcases and a few hundred dollars. In the next few years, Galante pursued high-risk wildlife biology fieldwork.

When he was a teenager, Galante led his first international canoe safari. As a result, he developed an interest in the world of underwater life. He learned to wrangle and photograph snakes and venomous animals. He also participated in spearfishing events. He has been certified as an EMT, SCUBA dive master, and a 100-ton ship captain.

Galante has earned several world records in pole spearing. He is currently working on a special episode of Shark Week that will take him to the northeast coast of South Africa. He will also travel to a remote tribal village in Mozambique.