Fling Golf Net Worth 2021

Founders of Fling Golf, Alex Van Alen and John Purellage, pitched their product to sharks in Season 12 of Shark Tank. Their product is a golf and lacrosse stick that allows a player to fling a ball comparable distance to a standard golf club. The stick is lightweight and compact, and comes in various varieties. It’s easy to learn how to use the product, and it’s much more forgiving than traditional golf strokes.

In addition to making golf more accessible, the creators of FlingGolf want to make it more fun for players. The product is designed to be fun for the entire family. The two founders have a passion for golf, and they want to promote the sport to the general public. They have spent nearly 18 months developing the FlingStick, and have created a variety of varieties to meet consumer needs.

While they were on the show, the FlingGolf team invited a shark to use their product. This was the first time they had made a pitch to the sharks, and they invited Daniel Lubetzky. They were hoping to get a $300,000 investment from the guest shark, and they would give up 20% of their company in exchange for the money. They also wanted to sell their product to golf courses. Luckily, the sharks were interested.

Eventually, FlingGolf ended up with a deal with the billionaire behind Kind snacks. After they appeared on the show, they were given a $300,000 investment for 25% equity. This was matched by Robert Herjavec. The deal valued the company at $1.2 million. This is a good deal, and it was a major boost for FlingGolf’s sales. It’s not clear how many customers have signed on since the appearance on Shark Tank.

The FlingGolf founders have put over $1 million into their business so far. It is expected that sales will grow even more, and FlingGolf will be seen at over 35,000 courses worldwide in the summer of 2022.

According to the company’s website, they plan to launch the Virginia FlingGolf Open in August of 2022. They will have a variety of FlingSticks available for sale, and they will be selling their products through their own website. In the mean time, they have expanded their warehouse in Amesbury, Massachusetts. They are also working on branding. This is not happening in a hurry, but it is an important part of the business.

On Shark Tank, the FlingGolf team was pitching their product as a fun alternative to traditional golf. It’s a new sport that’s perfect for families. The founders have a strong background in leadership, and they’re focused on promoting the sport. They’re also putting their own money into the business, and they’re confident that the future of FlingGolf is bright.

When FlingGolf was first introduced to the world on Shark Tank, the company was worth about 1.2 million. They ended up closing a deal with a billionaire that has invested a total of $1.5 million in their company.