Fizzics Net Worth

Using ultrasonic waves, the Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser improves the taste of beer. The device retails for $199. It is available at Amazon, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and other stores. It was recently featured on Shark Tank. The beer taste was declared the best by all the Sharks. It was approved by all the judges.

The founders of Fizzics are Phil Petracca and David McDonald. They have been working on the company for over a year. They began by researching and experimenting with how to make beer taste better from the tap. They figured out how to create a better foam without CO2 and patented a new technology. The new technology boosts the flavor of beer instantly. They also worked with the beer industry to develop commercial tap systems. Their goal is to expand into new markets. They plan to release a cheaper version of the Fizzics, which will work with canned beer.

As of May 2021, the company is still operating. They have made 3.2 million dollars in sales in just eight months. They have also sold the product to Target, Best Buy, and Brookstone. They have an estimated net worth of $4 million. They are looking for an investor to take a 4% stake in their firm.

Philip and David have been on the show Shark Tank several times. They have appeared with Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban. They have also been working on a smaller version of the Fizzics, called WayTap. It will work on 12-ounce bottles or cans. It is priced at $100 less than the original. It won an Innovation By Design contest sponsored by Fast Company. It will sell for $99 on QVC.

During their appearance on Shark Tank, Phillip and David handed out samples of the Fizzics machine. They explained their company and how they created it. They claimed that their machine makes regular beer taste like draft beer. They were also amazed by the amount of money that the machine was making. They had been shipping the product for eight months. However, they needed an investment to grow the business.

The Sharks were intrigued by the amount of money that the Fizzics was making and agreed that the beer was better. They also agreed that the machine was a great product. The two entrepreneurs told their story on the show and were able to convince the Sharks to invest in the company. They also asked for help with marketing. They wanted to expand the company into breweries. They were interested in finding out if the sharks could help them produce the product.

After the episode aired, Philip and David took their concept to a higher level and were able to successfully fund their product. They raised over $250,000 through IndieGoGo. The Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser is available at Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Amazon, and other stores. They have made a profit of about $220,000.

The Fizzics Home Beer Dispenser has been sold to several retailers, and it is expected to generate a revenue of $3.2 million in the next eight months. The company has also been successful in selling its beer machine to Target and Best Buy.