Five Reasons Your Child Should Be an Altar Server

If you want to give your child the experience of serving at Mass or other church services, altar serving is a great way to do it. It is also an opportunity for your child to grow in their faith, develop good habits and learn the value of service.

Five Reasons Your Child Should Be An Altar Server

The first reason why you should encourage your child to become an altar server is the fact that it will give them an appreciation of the importance of Mass and the Church. It will also foster their piety (participation in prayer) and fortitude (physical and spiritual dedication).

Being an altar server will teach your child discipline, patience and attention to detail as they perform the many tasks required of them at the altar. They will acquire skills and confidence in this ministry, which they can apply to other aspects of their life, including school work and social activities.

This is a very rewarding experience and one that your child will enjoy for many years to come, and will help them in their future faith journey. It will also help to build their confidence in themselves and their abilities, which will make them more attractive candidates for any type of vocation.

It will also allow your child to become more familiar with the language of the liturgy. This will enable them to more easily participate in the service, and will help them feel more comfortable at the altar.

They will be able to learn the names of the items used at Mass, such as the thurible, cruet and chalice. They will learn the proper way to carry these items, and they will be able to use them when they receive Holy Communion.

Another benefit of being an altar server is that it will teach your child how to listen to the priest during the Mass. This is a vital skill in any vocation. By listening to the priest and responding with him, your child will be able to hear the words of the Gospel more clearly, and this will enhance their understanding of the Bible.

Lastly, they will also be able to understand more about their own spirituality and the meaning behind the rites of the Mass. This will lead to a greater love and understanding of God’s presence at Mass and this will enable them to grow in their faith in a more meaningful way.

Why Do You Want to Be an Altar Server?

Altar servers have a special role at the altar and this is why they should be treated with respect. They should be baptized Catholics, have received their first Holy Communion and should be of a mature enough age to understand their responsibilities and to carry them out with appropriate reverence.