Fidji Simo Net Worth – How Much Does Fidji Make?

During the past decade, Fidji Simo has been a leader in the Facebook advertising space. In fact, she was one of the highest-ranking women in the company’s corporate leadership team. She is now one of the highest-paid women working on social media apps, with a salary of up to $120,000 a year.

Currently, Fidji Simo lives in California with her husband and five-year-old daughter. She previously worked at eBay, where she was a project manager. She has been on the board of several well-known companies, including the L.A. Dance Project and the nonprofit organization Women in Product. She is also a member of the Cirque du Soleil board.

Before joining Facebook, Fidji Simo worked for eBay in Europe and the United States. She also worked for the company’s strategy team. In addition to her roles at eBay, Fidji is a member of the nonprofit organization Women in Product. She has also served on the board of the Metrodora Foundation.

Simo joined Facebook in 2011. She initially worked on the advertising products for the company’s News Feed. As she worked her way up the company, she moved into running the video products. During her time at Facebook, Simo was in charge of the launch of Facebook Watch, a video platform for users to view video content. She also led the company’s local commerce projects. Simo also oversaw 6,000 employees in her role as the head of the company’s mobile and product teams.

Fidji Simo was born in France, where her father was a fisherman. She spent her childhood in the French town of Sete. Her mother, a clothing store worker, opened her own small clothing store after her high school graduation. Fidji was the first member of the family to graduate high school. She went on to earn a master’s degree from the HEC School of Management in Paris. She also completed a year of student training at the university’s business school.

During her time at Facebook, Simo led Facebook’s advertising products for its News Feed. She oversaw a team that worked on video ads, autoplay video, and canvas ads. She also led a team of more than 700 engineers as they worked on classified advertising projects and local commerce projects. She also oversaw Facebook Live, a live-streaming program that allows users to interact with the company’s representatives.

Upon leaving Facebook, Fidji joined Instacart in August of 2018. She will be the company’s new CEO, replacing Apoorva Mehta. She will begin her new job on August 2, 2021. As the new CEO of Instacart, Fidji Simo will acquire additional assets as the company’s leader. She will also oversee the next growth chapter for the company.

Currently, Fidji is one of the highest-paid women working on Facebook’s advertising space. In fact, the company’s total sales in this area are about $55 billion each year. During the course of her career, Fidji Simo has earned between $3 million and $5 million. She is expected to bring in a lot of money during her tenure as the new CEO of Instacart. However, the exact amount of money she makes isn’t publicly available.