FGO Servant Tier 2 Guide

If you want to know how to create FGO tier lists, you have come to the right place. You can find free FGO tier list templates on the internet. But before you begin, make sure you’re familiar with the different types of tiers in the game. This will help you decide which types of FGO servants are the best for your group.

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Leonidas, FGO servant tier 2 is a low-cost, single-arts servant that has great overall stats and a 3-turn Taunt built into his Noble Phantasm. Since Leonidas only has one Arts card and no other abilities, he must rely on getting hit in order to fill his NP gauge and produce stars. This makes him ideal for primary damage dealers.

Leonidas is a very solid support for your Buster-heavy allies, and he’s a great choice for Berserkers as well. While his Taunt is not very reliable, his Battle Continuation ability helps you survive against damage from your opponents. However, he lacks any Arts cards and relies heavily on your party’s hit count, making him a poor choice for solo play.

The Battle Continuation buff on Leonidas draws attention of all enemies for 3 turns and increases your own defense for 3 turns. In addition, you also get a 1-turn Taunt from Leonidas, which is extremely useful for emergencies. You can level this skill first to increase your buff’s percent, and second to reduce the buff’s cooldown.

Another important thing to remember is that servants with a high rank can be very useful in fights. You should level up your servant to improve its damage output and boost your health. This will make the fights much easier for your team. You can find several 5-star servants with a high level of rarity.


There are two main types of Servants: A and B. A B tier Servant is weaker and does not have the best damage, but it can still serve in a niche composition. However, B tier Servants are not the best choice for combat. While they can still do damage, they will not have the best range, so they are better for grouping with others. A B tier Servant is not the best choice for damage against low-level opponents, so they will need help from powerful Servants. On the other hand, a D-tier servant can do average damage.

A 5-star Servant is superior to a 2-star servant, and is more powerful than an E-tier servant. Unlike a B-tier servant, a 5-star Servant will do more damage. While A-tier servants are inferior to B-tier servants, they are still strong in their own ways. You just have to know how to use them to get the best results for your team.

Teach is a hilarious creep who supports your team’s offense with his massive attack. He also supports your team with his NP power boosts and can be used as a healer. He also has decent support for Quick-based teams and is useful against weaker enemy waves.


If you’re looking for a servant class with good damage and DPS, Diarmuid is a great choice. He can serve as a support character for any main character, and is worth the time and effort to level. He is one of the most under-utilized classes in FGO, and you should try to make the most of him.

As an offensive tier 2 servant, Diarmuid Ua Dubhne has a good single-target damage rating, which is important if you’re planning on using him. He also has a decent Noble Phantasm, which provides a nice burst of damage after an interlude. The downside to Diarmuid’s low damage production is that he doesn’t provide much synergy with any other class, and so it’s best to level him in a team that has more Arts.

This character is a demigod from Irish mythology. As a warrior, he is equal to Saber, but his abilities aren’t quite as impressive as Saber’s. Diarmuid carries two spears, which he uses to fight enemies and gain experience. One of them, Gae Buidhe, is capable of piercing through mana and magical defenses. The other is Gae Dearg, which is less useful, but is the strongest of the two.

The third best FGO servants are common, which means they can outperform rare units in the same situation. Common units also contribute to the storyline, making them a great choice for any player. The FGO servants in the third best tier are easy to obtain and feasible to level. They are also good at high-difficulty quests, and are versatile. They are a good choice for a support character because they are well-rounded, but have strengths and weaknesses that make them ideal for specific roles.


A low-rarity, high-damage NP character, Arash is a top-tier choice for farming and clearing waves of enemies. His NP provides an excellent AOE. It’s also a great choice for support roles. You can upgrade your Mashu to a tier three servant if you want to maximize its power. But if you want to make him a solid team member, you should focus on getting a higher-tier character.

There are many different types of servants in FGO, and you can build your main team around one of them. This tier list ranks servants by their attack power, hit and crit chance, health points, and special attack skill cooldown times. It also lists their equipment options and Noble Phantasm effects. The tier list can help you choose the best servant for your team.

The best FGO servants are not the most powerful in combat, but they can provide excellent support for other characters and make other teammates more effective. A servant in this tier has a lot of health and a wide range of skills. They can also assist other servants and level them up to an appropriate level.

While a few FGO servants are more powerful than others, new players can start with them. This is a good way to get a high-quality servant at the start of the game. A FGO servant tier list can help you decide which one to level up first.

Cu Chulainn

Cu Chulainn is a Red Branch Knight. He was assigned to enter the Land of Shadows. This Irish Berserker possesses a powerful debuff called Madness of the Spirits. It reduces enemy attack damage and crit chance. In addition, he can provide buffs such as increased defense and evasion. He also has a large flat HP pool.

This servant can compete with Tier S and Tier A units in a fight. It can be used as a primary damage dealer and can be boosted with buffs and cards. It can also help turn the game around when chaos takes place. While this servant isn’t ideal for beginners, it can be a great addition to your team if you use it wisely.

Cu Chulainn is a good starter servant if you don’t have any other lancers with AoE abilities. However, he has too many weaknesses to be worth the investment. Cu Chulainn is also a caster, which is why he isn’t the best choice if you’re looking to build a strong caster. However, the problem with Cu Chulainn is that it doesn’t have an overall gameplan to make it useful. You’ll be better off using other casters instead.

The FGO server offers a number of low-level servants. You can access them through the App Store or Google Play Store, and you can purchase them using summoning materials or Saint Quartz. This system is similar to many gacha games, but you don’t have to be a pro to get this servant.