Fastest Way to Soften a Baseball Glove

There are a lot of different ways to break in a new baseball glove. Some of these methods are considered “unorthodox” by some people, but they can help a glove become more pliable and easier to wear. Others, however, can be damaging to the glove and may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

1. Use hot water

The most basic way to soften a baseball glove is by using hot water. This method works well for most gloves, but you’ll need to purchase the right equipment in order to get the job done. This includes a cup, a glove mallet or glove hammer (if you don’t have one of these, you can also use a dumbbell or bat), and hot water.

Pour the water over the glove, but don’t soak it. Adding too much water will make the glove more difficult to break in, and it could dry out the leather too quickly.

2. Play catch and work the glove

The fastest way to soften a baseball glove is to play some catch. This will not only help you develop your catching technique, but it will also form the pocket of the glove so it fits properly.

A well formed pocket can make catching a baseball much easier, and it’s the key to becoming a successful hitter. To form the pocket, you can either play some catch with someone or put a ball in the pocket of your glove and tie it shut with shoelaces or string. If you want to be extra creative, you can even wrap a softball in the pocket of your glove and leave it overnight.

3. Be careful not to steam the glove

Many people think that boiling a new baseball glove will soften it, but it’s important to note that the heat can actually damage the leather. This is because the hot air will pull moisture out of the leather and cause it to drier when the glove cools down.

4. Avoid using ovens and other heat sources

Putting your new baseball glove in the oven will not only destroy the leather, but it can also ruin the grip of the glove, making it harder to hold onto the ball. In addition, the heat can melt the urethane that is used to cover the leather and make it brittle.

5. Do not use chemicals or heat

Although you might be tempted to use a chemical or heat treatment to soften your baseball glove, these methods can be dangerous to the glove and void your warranty. In fact, most glove manufacturers discourage these techniques.

6. Do not leave your glove in a hot car

It’s tempting to run a brand-new baseball or softball glove over with a car, but this can lead to serious injuries. Leaving a new baseball glove in the sun can damage it, too, so it’s better to avoid these types of activities.

The best thing you can do for your new baseball glove is to take it out for a few weeks and play a game or two of catch with it. The ball’s impact will mold and stretch the leather to fit your hand and your catching style, so you can be sure your glove is properly broken in.